Internships at Spark


We offer internships to students from different countries, varying from 4 weeks to a year. This position is usually a combination of admin and support work in the English and Spanish educational departments, along with a specific project that fits in with the students’ area of study. Spark is renowned for the coaching it provides to its interns and any intern can be guaranteed they will leave Spark a more confident and exceptional individual. Release your talent with an internship at Spark.



The type of internship at Spark varies considerably depending on the time of year, length of work, number of interns at one time and skills of candidates. However a general breakdown can be seen here: Spark Intern Profile but please also refer below for some additional info on the most common internships.

In order to apply for this position, please go to our online application form.



If you are interested in a work and study programme and combine learning Spanish with a specific project-focussed work experience, please have a look at our webpage about these work and study programmes for more information.  Please note on the work and study programme you can work with children as a Demi-Pair or do office and other work experience in Spain.

Want to learn valuable work skills whilst studying Spanish and living by the beach_



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