King’s High and Warwick – Students – 15

school trip recommendation

In our host family we got to try traditional Spanish meals that were delicious.

S. Brown

My host family was really kind and although they spoke good English, they helped me with my Spanish.

E. Warlow

My host family was really, really, really nice.

A. Smith

I really liked the horse show in Jerez.

R. Dhillon

A mí me gusta la Camera Oscura.

A. Smith

The Cádiz tour was so much fun!

A. Collett

Mario was very fun and he really understood us.

F. Nicholas

Mario is supercool!

B. Hammond

I enjoyed it a lot!

E. Warlow


E. Ellis

Thank you very much. X x x.

A. Talbot

Really enjoyed it.

S. Brown

Super duper fun, me gusta mucho.

B. Hammond

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