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Well, this weekend in El Puerto was an absolute scorcher.. and I´ve got the pink skin to prove it…! Lol..

It began on Friday, when we took a trip to a Moroccan restaurant for a bite to eat.. I got deep-fried pastry stuffed with chicken and spices, served with fries.. I´ll be honest when I say I didn´t enjoy it that much – it was very greasy and I couldn´t taste anything apart from oil. The seafood was reportedly much better according to Josh and Dave who devoured a plate of deep-fried shrimp!

After the meal, Fiona, Ky and I went for an ice-cream.. Ben and Jerry’s are possibly my two favourite men on earth! Having an early night, we headed back home after the satisfying dessert.

The next morning Sanne, Fiona and I walked to Puerto Sherry (my favourite beach!), to catch some rays. It was a lovely walk and the sun was beating down. Molletes, juice and coffees at Blanca Paloma´s overlooking the beach was a perfect way to spend the morning.

It was Sanne and Annies´ last weekend in Spain before they headed back to their respective countries of Holland and Germany. Together, we swam and sunbathed for the majority of the day, with the odd nap here and there, while we watched other beachgoers kite-sufing, sailing and diving.

With a rugby match at 8, we begrudgingly left the beach at 5pm, and prepared ourselves for the big game.

With two teams within the Andulucian region playing against each other, it was an interesting game to watch. By interesting I mean that I had no clue what was going on, nor did Annie or Sanne, while Fiona (the expert among us), gave a running commentary on the game. She was not overly impressed with the skills on show, and it is apparently played differently in Ireland and most other countries. Each to their own!

There was an excellent turn out and the atmosphere in the crowd was electric. I was quite surprised that rugby was even played in Spain, but nonetheless, it was an enjoyable experience, and it was nice to see what else the outdoors of El Puerto has to offer when you aren´t on the beach!.

Hasta pronto!


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