Discover Spanish: Top 5 Disney Songs!


Top 5 Disney Songs to get you Learning Spanish

At SparkSpanish one of the guiding forces behind our Spanish Courses and programmes is to approach learning Spanish from a fresh new exciting angle.  Our classes and methodology are designed to inspire the learner to enjoy their learning experience.  We strive for our learners to first gain confidence in the language, then to express their true personality through it.  We nurture their learning process understanding that learning Spanish is an emotionally challenging experience. We like to use different methodology; this includes using songs, films, role plays and many more ways to get you to become more confident with the Spanish language.

We all have memories of watching Disney films when we were younger; and are probably still able to recall every word to our favourite songs; I know I can. But imagine if you could have a fun way of learning Spanish, and bringing back childhood memories. Well you’ve got it! Spark Spanish presents to you our top 5 Disney songs.. Do you agree? They all have the Spanish lyrics to make it that much easier for you to learn Spanish.

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¿Cuál es la mejor canción de Disney en español?

1) El Rey León – El Ciclo de la Vida

2) Aladdin – Un Nuevo Ideal

3) La Sirenita – Bajo del Mar

4) Libro de la Selva – Busca Lo Más Vital

5.) Frozen – Sueltalo

Tell us what you think! Do you agree? Have we missed your favourite?

¡Comentanos que te ha parecido! ¿Estas de acuerdo?¿Cual es tu cancion favorita?SpanishDisney

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One Comment on “Discover Spanish: Top 5 Disney Songs!

  1. >listening to the spain version of the songs

    Lmao, you’re just making people stay away from spanish, spain dubs are terrible and lack rythm.