Discover Spanish: Top 5 Disney Songs!

Top 5 Disney Songs to get you Learning Spanish At SparkSpanish one of the guiding forces behind our Spanish Courses and programmes is to approach learning Spanish from a fresh new exciting angle.  Our classes and methodology are designed to inspire the learner to enjoy their… Read More

Music: Top 10 Oct 2012

Enjoy your Spanish Experience with these tunes – Disfruta tu experiencia española con estos temas At Spark Spanish, we love to enjoy our time together, especially with typical Spanish life. As some of you may know, both the… Read More

Learning Spanish: top challenges

Learning Spanish is quite straight forward compared to many other languages but what are the biggest challenges?

Spanish Football Vocabulary

Spanish Football Review

Interesting facts about football in Spain as well as some useful Spanish football vocabulary and our Spark predictions on who will win “la liga” this year.

Spanish Course First Month

Spark Spanish first three wonderful weeks of Spanish Courses.