Puente Fin de Semana – Long Weekend

In all countries we get the enjoyment of having a 3 day long weekend off of work, school and generally have a lovely long weekend. Here in Spain they take it one step further, by having a ‘Puente’.

Andalusia Flag/Region

Andalusia Flag/Region

Puente, also known in English terms as a ‘bridge’ is in fact a 4 day holiday. This is when a public holiday falls on a Thursday or a Monday, which automatically (obviously..!) entitles you to the Friday or Monday off as well (lucky them!). However, in many cases this year, they get the Wednesday off too.. Mental, no?!

Puente falls on the same weekend every year as Andalusia celebrates it’s national holiday, Andalusia Day. ‘Día de Andalucía’ is celebrated on the 28th February, celebrating being an autonomous community in Spain. Schools are usually closed for 3 days in the week Puente (in English, a 5 day weekend..!) and they spend the 2 days they actually are at school doing traditional customs such as the ‘desayuno andaluz’, Andalusian breakfast, which consists of sliced toast, with olive oil and orange juice.

However, for the majority of people in Andalusia, this four day (or five..!) long weekend is spent socialising with family or friends, and making the most of the extra two days off of work! So to everyone near or far, whether you’re working or are in fact lucky enough to have Puente off of work, we at Spark wish you a happy ‘Día de Andalucía’!! It truly is one of the most remarkable regions in Spain, with so much to offer, why not try it out yourself and study Spanish here at Spark!

Here is a blog post of a previous Spark employee who tells us what she got up to at Puente!

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