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Well, this weekend was an extra special one for two reasons: 1 We had amazing weather for this time of year,  and 2: it was the Andalucian bank holiday weekend meaning we got Monday off work! Here in Spain they refer to it as a “Puente” (bridge) weekend.

What to do, what to do…

Well, on Friday night, I stuck with tradition and visited Bar Granada for a few drinks with some friends. Fiona and I have only been in El Puerto for a month and already, we have our own nickname at the bar. We are now collectively known as “avellanas” meaning “hazelnuts”, the name is based on our favourite “chupito” (shot) flavour. I can’t decide whether this is a good thing or a bad thing.

On Saturday, the sun was splitting the rocks and it honestly felt like summer had arrived. I got my first experience of enjoying a BBQ on a rooftop terrace. It was a gorgeous hot day, the food was delicious and some people even managed to get a tan!

That night, we also went out to celebrate Becky’s “despedida de soltera”, her hen night. And what a night it was. We had been given dares to complete as part of the party, items such as “do 5 press ups in the pub” or “dance completely alone in a club for the duration of a song” were some of the milder ones completed! It was a very funny night and the Spanish people were more than willing to help us out in completing some of our dares!

On Sunday, I got some churros and hot chocolate (a very tasty morning meal) and took a stroll around El Puerto de Santa Maria. Really, I didn’t get up to much apart from chilling out on the local beach and writing some postcards to home.

On Monday, we got to visit a stunning beach called “Puerto Jerez” which takes only about an hour to get to if you choose to walk from the centre of El Puerto. It is a very small, but very beautiful beach with an amazing view of both the tranquil blue waters and the intensely bright and radiant sunsets. To top off a wonderful day of relaxing and sunbathing, we went to a delicious pizzeria called “Blanca Paloma”. Watching the picturesque pink/orange sun go down, with some friends and some great Italian food was definitely a brilliant way to spend the weekend!


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