A story of Growthel centro ingles

It seems amazing to think that our journey to where we are now started over 40 years ago in Franco’s Spain.  El Centro Inglés was founded as a kindergarten and over the years it grew into a private school with over 850 students and recently ranked number 1 private school in Andalucia.  No mean feat for a project started in a cortijo (rural house) by a Welsh lady in the midst of male dominated Franco Spain.

TECS TECSwas then founded in 1998 to cater for English Academy classes and for the then burgeoning English summer market.  Again through hard work and innovation the academies and camps expanded to other areas in the province of Cadiz and Spain to now include 4 academies and 6 summer venues.


In 2011 our attentions turned to Spanish in Spain, when we founded SparkSpanish, and undertook the 1 million euro renovation of a historic old hostal, transforming it into the sparkling new Sparkville building equipped with 8 classrooms and 13 residential rooms as well as other communial spaces and amazing roof terrace.

Together our educational group has seen over 40,000 students pass through our doors and we look forward to welcoming many more in the years to come.  So it is with pride that we introduce our latest expansion project a 7 million euro transformation of the old cortijo school of El Centro Inglés into a sparkling 21st century school building.  Our passion for education is as strong as it has ever been and it is with excitement that our group embarks upon yet another journey.

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