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After a busy but enjoyable weekend, we finally did it!

During the week, Lisa had already purchased all the decoration objects and paint, so on Saturday we could start immediatly with cleaning up the walls. This was quite a lot of work, because there had been lot of blue tack stuck on the walls throughout the years. Apart from that, we also had to remove all the clip boards, paintings and  posters from the walls (these were not just a few). Fortunately, Rogier and Lisa were very fast  in removing blue tack, so after a while we could start painting. We then decided to divide the roles, so that our fabulous painter Kevin could paint the walls into the real Spark colour: orange.

Reception after Spark DecoRogier and Lisa were busy with decorating the reception in the meantime. Lisa was brainstorming about the places for the new objects, while Rogier carried all the new decoration objects from the van to the reception. A few hours later, when we finished painting, we were done for the day and decided to come back next week to decorate the new painted walls. We will then start with the Spark Deco Weekend Stage 2.

The Spark Deco Team will then decorate the walls behind the couch and paint the arches. After that, we will give the reception the final touch by setting up some new racks for our leaflets and we will decorate it with some beautiful photos.

Reception area after Spark DecoWe will write a new Spark Deco blog post when Spark Deco Stage 2 is over!

Have a look at our first blog post to compare the reception area before and after the Spark Deco!




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