My Mission Statement: Emma Fürstenberg

After having completed this work experience and spanish programme, I will have learned how to focus on my goals and how I want to achieve those, in order to find the right ways of working for myself and learn how to solve any problems that might come up whilst working. I will have achieved that by improving my planning and organisation skills, but also by being spontaneous if needed.

In addition, I will have practiced reflecting on my own work progress to always keep my own capabilities and opportunities in mind and be more responsible for my work, I will reflect on my results but also my mistakes.

I will also have stepped out of my comfort zone, in terms of making mistakes. Since mistakes are a very important source of learning, I will not fear making them, for instance while connecting with others, especially in a foreign language like Spanish or English. By doing so, I will improve my communication skills and learn how to interact with other people, who have different backgrounds and being professional in different environments.

Furthermore, I will have worked on my skills of speaking Spanish by taking part in spanish classes, interacting with the teaches and the host family and experiencing the cultural life in Spain, moreover I will have learned to use the english language in a professional way.

Lastly, I will focus on responsibility and achieving my goals in time but still have fun and do my work with pleasure, since this is an experience following the bigger goal of self-development.

My teacher, my manager, my fellow staff and most importantly myself will always see me as an open-minded, cooperative, friendly, ambitious but yet relaxed person.

Overall, I will use all my potential and my capabilities during this work experience and at the same time be open for self-development and improvement of my working habits. I will also improve my spanish and english skills and learn more about this foreign culture.

Emma Fürstenberg

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