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Learn Spanish Football Vocabulary

Interesting facts on Football in Spain

Football Vocabulary

Here in Spain, everyone is football mad; from the guys to the girls; from the students to the retired. They are all joined together by this sport and are very passionate and loyal to their teams. One of the main questions asked by Spanish people (especially here in Andalusia) is “are you Barça or Madrid?” Which ever team you choose, you will have your lovers and your haters, even if you support other teams.

However, the moment the Spaniards truly come together as one in the football world is when Spain or a Spanish team play another country or a team from another country. Spain generally is one of the best football teams in the world, and the Spanish leagues have 2 of the best football teams in the world as well. So why wouldn’t they get excited about this sport?

Below we have some very necessary “football vocabulary” that will make you come across as a “pro” in Spanish! Why not test them out at the next football game?!

away game partido que se juega fuera de casa
away team equipo visitante
beat derrotar / vencer
bench banquillo
centre circle círculo central
championship campeonato
changing rooms vestuarios
corner kick saque de esquina. corner
cross pase cruzado
crossbar travesaño
defender defensa
draw un empate
dropped ball (when restarting play) balón a tierra
equaliser la igualada
extra time tiempo suplementario
extra-time prórroga
field markings marcación del terreno
field of play terreno de juego
first half primer tiempo
fit en forma / sano
fixture encuentro
fixture list programa de encuentros
flagposts banderines
forward delantero
foul falta
free kick (direct/indirect) tiro libre (directo/indirecto)
friendly game partido amistoso
goal / penalty area /the box área de meta
goal average promedio de goles
goal kick saque de puerta / portería /meta
goal line línea de meta.
goal scorer goleador
goalkeeper portero / guardameta / golero
goalpost poste, palo de la portería
half time interval intervalo del medio tiempo / descanso
halfway line. línea media
handball! ¡mano!
header cabezazo
heads or tails cara o cruz
home en casa
hooligan gamberro
injured player un jugador lesionado
injury time descuento
kick patada
kick dar una patada
kick-off saque de salida
laws of the game reglas de juego
league liga
linesman juez de línea
local derby enfrentamiento de dos equipos vecinos
manager entrenador
match partido
midfield player centrocampista
move jugada
national team (la) selección
opposing team equipo adversario
own goal propia meta
pass pasar
penalty kick tiro penal / penalti
penalty spot punto penal
player jugador
cup-winners cup recopa
red card tarjeta roja
referee árbitro
replay repetición
restart of play reanudación del juego
score a hat trick marcar tres goles (en un partido)
score draw un empate a cero
scoreboard marcador
season temporada
second half seguno tiempo
send a player off expulsar un jugador
shinguard canillera/espinillera
shorts pantalones cortos
side equipo
spanish equivalent of F.A cup copa del rey
spectator espectador
staduim / ground estadio
strip los colores del equipo (uniforme?)
studs tacos
substitute sustituto.
supporter hincha / seguidor
sweeper líbero / barredor
tackle internada
team (international) seleccion
team equipo
terrace grada
the ball balón
the coach el entrenador
the final score el resultado final
the highest goal scorer this season el máximo goleador de esta temporada
the net la red
the pitch el campo
throw-in saque de banda
ticket tout revendedor de entradas
to book a player amonestar un jugador
to keep goal jugar de guardameta / de portero
to score a goal marcar / meter un gol
to shoot at goal tirar a puerta / al arco; disparar
touch line línea de banda
tournament torneo
turnstile torniquete / molinete / puerta
underdog el que tiene menos posibilidades
unsporting behaviour conducta antideportiva
wasting time perdida de tiempo
what was the score? ¿cómo terminó el partido?
what’s the score? ¿cómo van? / ¿cómo va el marcador?
whistle silbato pitido
winger extremo
world cup mundial
yellow card tarjeta amarilla

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