Another week goes by in Spark and we’re now moving into winter, luckily we get to wait it out in El Puerto De Santa Maria, it might as well be summer to anyone from the north of Europe.

Kicking things off we have our welcome drinks for our new students, we will take them to a local bar to get to know them.

On Tuesday we have a visit to Plaza de Toros, bull fighting is a big part of Spanish Culture, and even if you don’t agree with the practice, a visit to the ring is still worth it from a cultural perspective.

On Wendesday we have our conversations class which caters to a variety of levels.

Come Thursday we have intercambio, which is a more relaxed exchange of language than a classroom environment.

The weekend is free time for our students, maybe they’ll go on a trip, maybe they’ll go to the disco with our resident staff. There’s a lot of things to do in El Puerto so make the most of it.


To see the full programme for yourself click here

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