Ruta del Mosto: El Puerto de Santa Maria

Spanish and Sherry

El Puerto de Santa Maria forms part of sherry triangle with nearby Jerez and SanLucar. Indeed the English word “Sherry” is an anglicization of the Spanish city Jerez which last year was the European Wine Capital.  The Ruta del Mosto takes place each year in El Puerto de Santa Maria in November to celebrate the first wine of that year that is ready to drink and usually it is made by smaller bodegas (wineries) which is what this festival focuses on.  Not only is it a great way to learn about culture of wine making in the area but usually each mosto is served with some food so it a great way to enjoy tapas. Click on the image below for more details on the event and where you can get Mosto.  If you are interested in studying Spanish and learning about making of sherry why not considering a Spanish Course with us, especially our Spanish and Feria might be of interest for those with a love of wine and Flamenco and just generally having a great time 🙂


Mosto: el primer vino fermentado, que se empieza a beber a partir del mes de noviembre, con un grado alcohólico aproximado de 12%. En muchas ocasiones este mosto se realiza de manera artesanal en cortijos y viñas, siendo un atractivo culinario.


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