Summer Offer for Locals

Do you live in El Puerto or Rota or nearby and aren’t happy with your Spanish Level?

Why not join us in Spark this July to September for an intensive course of 10, 20 or 25 hours plus cultural activities. Not only will you make great progress with your Spanish level but you’ll also meet other people striving to take their Spanish forward and get to do some exciting cultural events too.

The three options spark has to offer are:

All Courses also include 3-4 cultural activities*1 per week. Access to Sparkville kitchen, roof and other communal area and free wifi. There is also a 25€ one off inscription fee for all course covering books and enrollments costs.

Special Discounts*2

On General Spanish Course in July and August: 10€ on a one week course, 25€ off two week, 50€ off three weeks and 100€ off 4 or more weeks. Only valid on the full General Spanish. Example price 4 week of 80 classes = 700-100€ discount = 600€ or 150€ a week.

Request Info

*: classes may start at 09.30 and 30 mins earlier but if this were the case it would be communicated ahead of time.
*1: cost of entrance tickets, food and drinks and transportation is not included. All activities optional. When courses are full there is 3-4 activities per week when fewer students it would be 2.
*2: levels must fit the courses Spark is running for discounts to be valid. Only valid on General Spanish course of 20 hours and not valid with additional discounts.
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