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Our residential area is on the second floor of the Spark Spanish Academy Complex (a renovated hostel) and this is the recommended accommodation option if you want to further enhance your Spanish skills, feel part of and socialise with the other course members and at the same time have your own independence. You can also see verified reviews about sparkville at tripadvisor.

There are 14 rooms (for 1-2 people), nearly all of them ensuite. Sparkville has a communal kitchen and dining area which acts as a great social gathering point that adds to the unique Sparkville atmosphere. There are also numerous chill out/social areas, such as the Plaza de las Américas (a little ‘outdoor’ space, with a tv and glass roof to protect you from rain or sun) and a big roof terrace which is ideal for barbecues  sunbathing and evening drinks, which facilitate interaction with other students and staff.

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The residence has minimum 1 social events coordinator who lives in the same facilities and who can help you with any problems you may have.  The social events coordinator also runs many of the cultural events such as mini excursions, tapas nights, salsa nights or general  gatherings on site.  They are also responsible for encouraging you to speak as much Spanish in the residence as possible, to stimulate your oral practice of the language.

Sparkville Residence

All rooms have access to the following communal areas:

  • Large roof top with part covered over and part open. Perfect for chilling out, sunbathing and doing a BBQ.
  • Large communal kitchen: oven, kettle, hot plates, grill, microwave, toasters etc…
  • Large living room eating area.
  • Games rooms with many board and other games.
  • Study areas, includying small library.
  • Television Room.
Room Type Notes: Week Price Sunday to Sunday Single Double Person 3 or 4 Extra night
Premium Room Ensuite bathroom and shower. A+C in room. Exterior window. Private fridge and safe. Also little more isolated from main residential area. 210 300 +60 p/p 60
Premium Mini Appartment Large Room with accompanying independent single room. Both ensuite. A+C in both rooms. Simple kitchen facilities. Own fridge. Exterior window. Below main residence area. N.A 450 +60 p/p 80
Ensuite PLUS Large rooms. A+C. Ensuite. Do not have exterior window*. Located more centrally. 160 240 +40 p/p 40
Ensuite Smaller rooms. A+C. Ensuite. Do not have own exterior window*. Located more centrally. 135 210 N.A 30
Shared Bathroom Shared bathroom and shower between 3 rooms. A+C. Do not have own exterior window*. More isolated location. 135 210 +30 p/p 30

* The residence has an air filtration system that provides fresh air to all areas of the building, including rooms that don’t have exterior windows. Also all rooms have windows that open into other large areas of the residence that have access to outside windows.

The residence is located just outside the centre of El Puerto de Santa Maria and is close to various amenities such as shops, banks, the beach and the bullring, not to mention the historic centre of El Puerto.

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  1. A very compact structure – “a society”, “a family” not a school.

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