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Are you interesting in learning Spanish online? We would love to provide you with a private teacher. All our classes are one to one or closed group private classes, meaning no mixing with other students.

Types of course could include: General Spanish, Business Spanish, Conversational Spanish, Dele Preparations but really you can choose what type of learning you wish to do. All our classes are done either over teams or zoom. It is also possible to do English classes online.

ClassOnline ClassesClosed Group (this is private class for a group of students)
Price5 one to one: 100€
10 one to one: 190€
15 one to one: 280€
20 one to one: 370€
as left + 30€ 5 hours / 50€ 10 hours / 70€ 15 hours/ 90 € 20 hours per 1 extra person.
Timetableany time between 09-20.30 set by spark but agreed with student.as left
MaterialsIf a digital book is needed to be purchased this is not invcluded and would be charged at retail price.as left.
WhenAll year round but we recommend the group option between July/August.as left.
Discounts2-3 weeks = 5%/ 4+ weeks= 10% . Discounts are only possible when paying up in one go ahead of time and when student does purchased number of block classes in one week.as left.

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