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The Spanish Course for over 50s is specifically designed for students over 50 years of age and is adapted to their learning and cultural needs. It is the perfect Spanish programme for those wishing to partake in both class and cultural activities with students of the same age.

Key aspects

Classes 15 per week, 30 classes,
Timetable 09-12.00, 15 mins break half way through class.
Students per class Maximum 9, standard 4-6.
Levels*1 All levels but within 3 classes
Dates*2 01.05-14.05 2016 and 23.10-05.11 2016 special over 50s courses.
Minimum age 50
Cultural Events and Excursions*3
8 cultural activities plus 1 excursion at the weekend*3
Prices Course only 369€
Prices with accommodation*4 569€ in shared room in Spark, 669€ in single room in Spark, 999€ staying in a 3 star hotel.  399€ for partner not wishing to do Spanish course.
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Spanish Course for over 50s: Description

Location: El Puerto de Santa Maria is a marvelous place for the over 50s to study Spanish and explore Spain. El Puerto is an authentic Spanish coastal town where normal Spanish life has been little corrupted by the impact of international tourism. It is the perfect place to feel safe and secure whilst experiencing wonderful Spanish cultural and day to day life. The locals are incredibly welcoming and the Cadiz area is a hidden gem just waiting to be discovered. It is a perfect location for relaxing, enjoying the good life and learning Spanish. Spanish Course for over-50's It has miles of stunning white sandy beaches and coastline making it an ideal holiday location.  It is also the home of Spanish sherry so visiting the bodegas (wine cellars) whilst sampling the wine and fine food is another great catch of the town and area in general.  Click here see videos of the town and area.

Classes and Programme for Over 50s:

Our over 50s course has been adapted to best suit the learning, cultural and social needs of the over 50s. The classes start earlier and are slightly shorter classes: 09-12.00 (with 15 minute break). The cultural activity programme, see example in over 50s catalogue link, is packed full of interesting activities with emphasis on discovering and exploring the local area and bonding together as a group. Each over 50s course has a special chaperone who accompanies group and acts not only as a guide on the trips but also Spanish teacher and friend.

Spanish for over 50s Catalogue

Accommodation Options:

Our Sparkville Residence offers a comfortable and friendly environment to all who stay there and this creates a fabulous atmosphere amongst all the residents including students and staff. Located above the school, and only a 10 minute walk from the beach, the residence is a very convenient option for your stay in El Puerto de Santa Maria.   The residence has its own self catering facilities, as well as a walk on roof, television room and multilpe other communual areas and free wifi.  An alternative option is to stay in a local 3 star hotel near to the school where we have special prices pre-arranged.

 I’ve been at Spark already three times now. And there is just one word in my mind: !!TOP!! (in many ways).
See you next time. For sure!

Frank van Egmond (Netherlands)

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*1: Usually these will be beginners, intermediate and advanced but this is dependent on student levels and numbers so is open to change.
*2: Our general Adult Courses run all year round so over 50s can join those courses at any time.  The dates stated are for over 50s only.
*3: These are optional activities. Most, but not all, of these activities have costs for things like food, tickets, transport and drinks which are not included and are paid by the students.
*4: Price includes: Spanish classes and all needed books, accommodation on basis stated, organization of cultural activities (not cost as noted in point 3) and chaperone who accompanies the group during the activities.  All rooms are ensuite and shared rooms are only available for guests coming together and is per person.  Hotel price could be subject to a small degree of variation depending on time of booking.  The price for a partner or friend NOT doing course covers accommodation and participation in cultural activities (not cost as point 3.) and is based on sharing a room.  There must be one person doing the Spanish course.

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