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Review Videos of all parts of a Spark programme

We have serveral videos about learning Spanish in Spark, El Puerto de Santa and in Sparkille.  These have been made by students during their time with us and our well worth a look. View Videos.

Slideshows of Photos

We are excited to pass you on our great Spanish Course Slideshow with some great photos of our classes and methodology designed to inspire the learner to enjoy their learning experience. View slideshow

Videos of El Puerto de Santa Maria

El Puerto de Santa Maria is a city that not many people have heard of, but that by no means means we shouldn’t know it. Find out where El Puerto is and why it is the perfect place to learn Spanish and discover why El Puerto is where the Spanish go on holiday. View videos…

Español en Acción Video

This innovative event is designed to teach students the appropriate Spanish language to use in a cultural event.  Our Spanish only rule for these social events means the amount of Spanish used is incredible and it makes for a fantastic evening! See how it worked at Mario’s Jamonería…

Spark Music Video:

At Spark we even have own music video and song, check it out and sing along > Spark music video


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