School Year in a Spanish School

Study in a Spanish School and Live with a Spanish Family!

At Spark we like to offer a range of courses for all ages and in all scenarios. We are now offering individual students a chance to come to Spain and study in a Spanish school for a year or a trimester of your choice! This will be an experience of a lifetime. Not only will you be able to study and improve your Spanish, but you will also get to live and experience the amazing Spanish culture here in Andalusia!

We have two options of schooling that you can choose from. The first is to study in a public school here in El Puerto de Santa Maria; the second is a private school; El Centro de Inglés, a bilingual school that is part of our educational group. Before you are due to start school, included in the price is a 2 week Spanish course at our language school, Spark, where you will be taught general and useful language skills that are necessary when studying in Spain!

Below we have outlined the prices, start and finish dates (including holidays), and what is included in these prices.

Prices for Public Schools

1st Trimester*1 2nd Trimester*1 3rd Trimester*1
Prices 6,569€*2 (including T1 or T3)
(Including all)
Arrival date in Spain end of August Start of Jan Easter
Start of 2 week Spanish Course start Sept start Jan (would be 10 hours of 1-1) Easter
Start of School mid Sept* Start of Jan Post Easter
Finish of School Before Xmas Break Before Easter Mid June

With the full year, there are two holidays that you would need to take into consideration; Christmas and Easter.

  • Christmas: approximately 22.12. – 07.01.*1
  • Easter: approximately end of March/start of April *2

Please note that if you study for only one trimester, you can study in any trimester for the 5,512€*2.

*1 for exact dates consult us.

*2 prices are estimated approximately from prices, but can vary depending on specifics of programme.

What is included?

Within these prices, you get a whole lot more!

  • You will get a 2 week general Spanish course (if you started in the second semester it would be 10 1-1 classes) with us at Spark before you start at school, to get into the swing of things and prepare you for going to school.
  • We will sort out a host family for you to stay with for the duration of your stay, and the expenses of your stay is also included in the overall price which includes an individual room full board (all meals included).
  • There is also a welfare coordinator that will make regular check ups to see if everything is okay, and you are able to contact them at any time.
  • There are free transfers when you arrive and leave from Jerez airport or El Puerto de Santa Maria train station.

Please note that the final entry date to enroll into a public school for the dates stated must be done prior to 31 October of the academic year.


Private School: El Centro de Inglés 

El Centro de Inglés is a bilingual private school here in El Puerto de Santa Maria. It is ranked as the number 1 private school in Andalusia and is a very honourable school to send your children to. It has many brilliant and professional staff in all departments, and it is especially known for its amazing language department.

Prices for Private School Tuitions

 Full Year 1st Trimester 2nd Trimester 3rd Trimester
Prices 29,599€*2 13,699€*2  13,699€*2  13,699€*2

*2 prices are estimated approximately from prices but can vary depending on specifics of programme.

All other dates and information as above, but lunch at El Centre Inglés is also included in the prices.

So if you want to improve your Spanish as well as study abroad, this is perfect for you. It is a great way to fully immerse yourself in both the Spanish language and Spanish culture! We offer other Spanish courses for children which may also be of  interest to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or queries you may have.


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