School Group Spanish Classes

We offer the opportunity to learn Spanish at Spark through fun and interactive classes which are specifically designed for school groups. All these classes are taught in Spanish by qualified native teachers of the language with a maximum of 12 students per group, guaranteeing a rapid development of language skills and communicative ability. Moreover, our school group classes offer the opportunity for children to gain a valuable cultural knowledge alongside language-learning, and of course have a great time!

We offer 4 types of classes for our school group programmes, and you can choose the teaching hours.

      1. General Spanish: A mixture of everything, with classes catered to your desire.

      2. CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning): Classes focused on a specific aspect of the language. Common ones we have done have been the  Spanish/Andalusian culture.
      3. Total Spanish: Classes are purely conversational to progress the spoken level as quickly as possible; all activities will be completely done in Spanish throughout this course. (This will require a agreement signed by the students)
      4. Exam Preparation: We can cater our classes to specifically help your students to prepare for their school exams. (This course includes A2 and AS levels)


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