Important dates

Academic Year 2021/22 – September 21-August 22

***Please note for closed group programmes with pre-arranged dates spark will ALWAYS be open so tours can be arranged for any dates with the one exception of the Christmas period. Tours can take place during Easter. For all other programmes Spark will be closed for classes on the dates stated below. ***

Asuncion del Virgin16 de agosto (lunes) 21
Virgin de los Milagros8th of September.21
Hispanidad12 de octubre (miércoles).21
Fiesta de Todos los Santos1 de noviembre (lunes).21
Constitution day6 de diciembre (lunes).21
Immaculate Conception8 de diciembre (miércoles).21
Christmas Holidays22.12.21-
Andalucia Day1 de marzo (lunes).22
Easter Period11.04-15.04.22
Feria HolidayMonday closed – date pending.
Labour Day1st of May 22

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