Important dates

Starting dates

All students can start their course on any Monday of the year. Complete beginners are recommended to start on the starting dates mentioned below but are free to choose to join any Monday, in which case they will most likely join an already existing group.

2016 – 2017 starting dates for complete beginners on the General Spanish Course or Intensive Spanish Course

17th October 2016 2nd May 2017 16th October 2017
14th November 2016 29th May 2017 13th November 2017
9th January 2017 26th June 2017 11th December 2017
6th February 2017 24th July 2017
6th March 2017 21st August 2017
3rd April 2017 18th September 2016

2016-2017 Other Programmes

DELE Course Consult us for suitable weeks for doing the DELE Course.
Family Programme * July 3oth – August 12th / * August 13th – August 26th
A-Level / International Bachelorette Revision Courses
Starting dates-more than one week possible.
  • 24th – 29th October 2016
  • 12th – 25th February 2017
  • 2nd April – 22nd April 2017
  • Summer – Spanish for Teenagers
  • 22nd  Oct – 4th Nov 2017
Spanish and Feria For 2017: The Spanish and Feria experience takes place between the 21st May and 03rd June. The Feria of El Puerto de Santa Maria runs from night of 24.05 to the night of the 29.05
Spanish Course for over 50s Consult us for suitable weeks for over 50s.
Spanish and Sport * July to August each year

Summer Camp Dates – 2017

Spanish Learners (Puerto de Santa Maria) * July 3oth – August 12th / * August 13th – August 26th (note in July Spanish learners can join Spanish for Teenagers course).
English Learners (Puerto, Madrid, Sierra de Grazalema) * July 2nd – July 15th / * July 16th – July 29th / * July 3oth – August 12th / * August 13th – August 26th

Public holidays

At Spark, as opposed to many other language schools, we only close for major holidays. Spain has many national and regional holidays, but we believe that our students should not be affected by these and we prefer to run our classes on these days instead of cancelling them. On other days when their are national or local holidays we always run class but close our office in the afternoon.


Christmas Holidays no class – From 17th December 2017 until 6th January 2018
Good Friday no class – Friday 14th April 2017
Labour Day no class – Monday 1st May 2017

As we make big efforts to only close on two international holidays per year, missed classes can not be made up. Students who are on a long term course between December and January will obviously not have these weeks included as the weeks they paid for and will instead stop their course and start it again after xmas period.

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