Day in the life of a Spanish school student

Ever wonder what is like studying at a Spanish language school? Today, let’s meet Antonia “Toni”! She is a German girl who is now with us at Spark on a 3-week work and study programme. Let’s follow her to find out what she is usually up to in a normal day!


9 AM: Wake up and eat breakfast

9:45 AM: Walk from her host family to Spark (7-minute walk)

10 AM: Spanish lessons begin! She is currently in Elena’s beginner’s class with 5 other students. Classes usually run for 4 hours, which in the first 2 hours we often talk to each other (in Spanish) about what we did yesterday and our plans for tomorrow and/or the weekend. It’s usually really fun as we share stories with each other. So much Spanish is spoken as we start off the class in a great atmosphere!


12 – 12:15 PM: Short break. Toni usually chills with her classmates or runs to the shop quickly (only half a minute walk away from Spark) to get a snack.

12:15 PM: Spanish classes resume. In the second half, we usually study a new grammatical structure and different Spanish expressions. ¡Qué guay! (How cool!)

2 PM: Classes finish

2 – 3:30 PM: Lunch time! There is a kitchen in Spark where all students can cook their own meals. Toni usually has lasagna or a sandwich with chorizo (Spanish sausage) and jamón (ham). Today, we had a cooking class and we made revuelto with eggs, green beans and ham with tomato and cheese salad!


3:30 – 6 PM: Currently taking part in the Work and Study experience programme, Toni is helping out with painting the bedroom walls and on the terrace.


6 – 9 PM: At the beach or in the city centre having an ice cream and a drink. Yesterday we went to Playa de la Puntilla and stay until 9:30 PM to watch the sunset – it was so beautiful!


9 PM: Cook dinner at Spark or go out for some tapas in the city centre. Quick tip: we got a free shot each the other day for dinner as we ordered various tapas!

9 – 11 PM: Free time. Toni usually talks to her friends and family back in Germany and does her Spanish homework for tomorrow before going to sleep.

That wraps up a day in the life of a Spanish summer school student. If you would like to have an experience like Toni, head to our Spanish Course page to find out what you can do at Spark! We are looking forward to having you here!