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It is now my third week here in El Puerto and I have to say that time is flying by! So this weekend was a pretty hectic one… With a game of pub golf, a joint birthday and some serious shopping, how could it not be?!

On Friday night, Fiona (another Irish girl) and I decided to brave the nightlife of El Puerto on our own. Prior to this we had always gone with a group of people, so going it alone was an exciting, yet daunting prospect!

We started off with a few drinks in “Bar Granada” or as the regulars call it, “Bar G”. In this cosy pub, run by Micki, a Chilean man who is known to befriend newcomers to El Puerto, we managed to make friends with some local Portuenses. After one or two “chipitos” (shots) we moved on to “El Niño”, an active pub/club that played English pop music all night long – much to our delight! Here, we partied to the early hours and added some more friends to our group, with a variety of nationalities including; Dutch, German, Lithuanian, Spanish and British.

On Saturday morning, we took a well deserved rest before hitting “El Paseo” for some bargain hunting. Shops like Zara, Bershka, Pull and Bear, Massimo Dutti and Oshyo forced us to return home with our wallets considerably lighter!

On Saturday night, we attended a joint birthday party for 2 of our workmates. We decided to play pub golf, a traditionally British drinking game. The game involved visiting 9 different pubs, in 9 different locations, and drinking the specified alcoholic beverage within a certain amount of gulps. If you succeeded with one gulp to spare, your par then became -1 and +1 if you didn´t finish your drink within the set amount of gulps. With a drink in 9 bars, this game was a really great way to see the different types of night life El Puerto has on offer. For example, O´Donoghues offers charm and cosiness, while Bar Jamon had amazing tapas, Bar Granada gives low price drinks and a friendly service, as La Vue offers great music and room to dance while Bar Magdalena was a little off the beaten track but a great find nonetheless! My personal favourite was “El Reconquista” a bar with a Moroccan theme to it – they have great cocktails!We finally ended the game in “Loca”, where Fiona was crowned the winner. I must admit I was quite proud to come in second place!

On Sunday, we relaxed in the sun to prepare ourselves for the working week ahead. All in all, it was a great weekend, with the El Puerto nightlife offering a lot more than I had bargained for!

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3 Comments on “A weekend out in El Puerto…

  1. whoop whoop!! Pub golf 🙂 El Puerto is the place to be 🙂

  2. Sounds like you had a nice weekend AND got to know the town! I love ‘el Reconquista’, it’s a great place to go for a drink and a chat or, if you’re up to it, some dancing.

  3. The Irish girls winning, now there’s a surpirse… confirms the E.U. report of two years ago which said Irish females were the biggest drinkers in Europe!