Mission Statement: Carlotta Wieneke

After having completed this Spanish work experience, I will have learnt how to organise my time better. This will help me to reach a goal without wasting any time due to disorganisation. While planning my project at Spark I will also learn to be more responsible and independent. Skills like being responsible and independent are the key to a successful career and future.

As well as being responsible and organised I will learn to be more confident about the things I do and I will learn to handle failure. I will turn this failure into power and I will reach everything I want to reach. If I do not understand what a person says in Spanish, I will not get frustrated and give up but rather than that I will get motivated to learn Spanish even better and to use every opportunity I get to do so.

Furthermore my Spanish Skills will have improved by the end of the stay in el puerto de Santa Maria because I will have to interact with the people at Spark and my host family. This interaction is the perfect opportunity to improve my Spanish and also my social skills.
While my stay in Spain my fellow students, staff and my manager will always see me as a passionate, motivated and polite person who does her project with pleasure.

In summar, I will have developed myself and my work habits to reach my full potential. I will also have improved my Spanish skills.

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