Recently, two of us here at Spark Spanish decided to try our hand at horse-riding in the sunset.

Me with my horse Piruja

The sunset in El Puerto de Santa María is definitely worth a view, especially on horseback.
We travelled by car to an equestrian centre in El Puerto de Santa María, and from there, we were brought to one of El Puerto’s five beautiful beaches, where we saddled up and off we went!

There were eight riders in total, and a variety of nationalities, which meant that the common language was Spanish – the perfect chance to put our learning into practice!

This gave us a great opportunity to practise Spanish in a natural and dynamic way – even if one of my most-used phrases was ‘voy a caer!’ or ‘I’m going to fall!’. You forget your nerves about speaking Spanish – or any language – when you’re trying, unsuccessfully, to persuade your horse to stop! The Spanish instructors were really nice and made us feel at ease about both participating and speaking Spanish.

Horse-riding, July 4th

Group of 8 riders

Horse-riding is only one of an array of activities offered as extras to the students here at Spark, and it was a lovely way to relax after an intense but enjoyable day of learning and working.

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