Why study at Spark? Reason 4

Explore, expore, explore! To understand the world a little better, you can learn more about different people and their lifestyle in foreign countries. Spain should be a big stop on your list beause it is completly different from the typical German, American or even Britsh way. It starts with different habits, like when to eat or to go out and goes on with how to spend the evenings together. The Spanish enjoy a more relaxed life and like getting up a little bit later. Dinner they have at arround 10-10:30 pm and they go out to meet friends in bars or clubs at around 11 and dance until the sun rises! These are only a few aspects about the interesting way of living here, to find out more, come study here at Spark and we will show you, through our great offers of cultural events. It is definitely worth a try!

Dive into the Spanish lifestyle while studying Spanish at Spark!

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