5 reasons we love El Puerto de Santa María

El Puerto de Santa María is a beautiful beach town in the south of Spain, in the province of Andalucía. Considering whether you should visit or spend your summer here studying Spanish, here are 5 reasons why you totally should.


  1. Beautiful beaches

El Puerto de Santa María is home to 22 kilometres of coastline, 16 of which are beaches. In the summer, they are literally filled with people from morning till late. Some of the renowned ones are La Puntilla, Valdelagrana, Muralla, Santa Catalina and Levante. Playa de La Puntilla is the most popular beach by far in this town due to its proximity to the city centre (only 15 mins on foot) and it’s where our students often find themselves relaxing after lessons.


We organised a welcome drink for all new students in the second week of July. Location: Casa Pepe restaurant in Puerto Sherry on the beach of Muralla.


  1. The famous port

The name of El Puerto de Santa María suggests it is a port city and it has been famous for allegedly being the port that Christopher Columbus has departed for his second trip to the Americas!


  1. Friendly locals

In our previous blog about ‘How to choose the best language school in Spain’, I mentioned that very few locals speak English. However, they are really friendly (especially with some drinks) and you definitely learn a thing or two that most tourists won’t know about El Puerto!


  1. Buzzing nightlife

Spain is famous for its long nightlife that extends to the early hours of the morning and El Puerto is no exception. You will find the locals eating dinner at 10 PM and start their nights out at midnight. The day is long here in El Puerto and in the summer, it is buzzing with people all evenings during the week. Every day from 10 PM until 2 AM, for two months in the summer, you can find a night market along the river (near La Cristalera bar) where locals set up shops to sell souvenirs and other lovely products from Spain. It’s definitely worth checking out!


Handwritten mugs in Spanish!


Our students enjoying un chupito gratis (a free shot) after ordering a bunch of tapas! Yes it’s a thing in El Puerto.

Now that you know why we love El Puerto, head onto our Spanish course page to learn more about the types of courses we offer at Spark, from General Spanish course, summer camps, to work and study experience. Adventure awaits you here!

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