Mission Statement – Kajsa Lenz

After having completed this work experience and spanish programme, I will have learnt to be more responsible and independent as these are the key features for my self-development, reaching my full potential. I will have achieved this by working on my organisation skills, such as planning my projects – mural decorations of the school. This will help me in future to be able to manage my time better, organise it and thus being more responsible. My fellow staff, my director and most importantly myself will see me, Kajsa, as an organised, responsible and kind person with a positive attitude and mindset.

Furthermore, I will have improved my working skills in the process of the development of my communication skills, such as using the English language in a professional context and also being able to work as a team together with the other staff as I will have worked with principle in order to put team need in front of my own. My creativity will have also been promoted by doing several projects connected to interior design here at spark.

Moreover, I will have obtained cultural awareness and especially appreciation of both Cadiz and El Puerto de Santa Maria by including these two cities into my projects. By this, I will inspire others to admire the beauty of Spain in general, but especially El Puerto de Santa Maria, so that they will say “because of your painting, I realise how beautiful this city is”. Therefore, I will have reached my goals to decorate and paint the school´s wall, finishing my project, and by that helping others finding their admiration for this place.

My fellow students and staff and my manager will have always see me as a cooperative, polite, motivational and positive student who carries out her projects with passion.

Lastly, I will have improved my Spanish speaking skills by interacting with the team, the students and the teachers and especially by living in a host family, giving me the opportunity to practice my Spanish all the time. Therefore, I will have also learnt that I shall not fear failure as without failing, I will not learn.

In general, I will have established good working habits, I will have improved my Spanish speaking and I will have developed myself to reach my full potential.

Kajsa Lenz

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