Work and Study in Spain: Mission Statement Antonia Termath

During my 3 weeks work and study programme in Spain at Spark Spanish I will create good habits, which I can use my entire life. It is a completely new environment with a positive attitude and imagination in which I might face some challenges. I will learn from failures to make myself better and to fulfill my goals while being a part of the team here.

In my time here in Spark Spanish I will try my best to communicate with others and I will learn as much Spanish and as fast as I can. I want that the others will see me as hard working person during and after my stay. I also want that they can call me an open and brave character, willing to change. Especially during my Spanish language classes I want to be viewed as a quick learner and a nice person, everyone can become friend with.

I will contribute very positively to the community of Spark Spanish by being productive to my work with interior design. I will get the chance to be 100 percent myself and to give my own ideas. I take this job here in Spark as a good opportunity to learn from and with others and to earn skills in areas I can use my whole life. It is a chance to connect the school and the real world.

Looking back in 3 weeks here in Spark I will be proud of my progress personally and with my progress with my communication. I will be not afraid of being confident and creative after that.

To achieve those things I will give more than 100 percent!

Antonia Termath 18.07.17




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