During my work experience at Spark, learning good working habits and improving my Spanish. I want to become better at working efficiently and also overcome the habits that are holding me back from working at my max. Learning Spanish will even be a way for me to practice breaking bad working habits. Here are the 11 things I will do my utmost to achieve during my work experience:

  • I will put the needs of work ahead of my own and take learning seriously.
  • I will break old working habits and actively practice a growth mindset.
  • I will improve at speaking Spanish and become better at understanding it.
  • I will make sure to stay on schedule and be aware of my tasks.
  • I will set my goals clear on a micro-scale (the ones i can do today) and reflect on them continually.
  • I will see every task that I get in a positive way, even if I don’t like it, as I know how important it is to learn to turn negative feelings into positive ones.
  • I will distance myself from things that would hold me back on improving.
  • I will take on every task that I get with passion and motivation.
  • I will be as helpful and useful member of “staff” as I can be.
  • I will learn from my mistakes.
  • And most of all I will be as nice and cheerful as possible to everyone at Spark and also to my host family.

Gabriel Spaude

During my work and study internship at Spark Languages, I will become confident and competent in learning and using Spanish by making the most of the culture and people that I am surrounded by.

I will also develop a can do attitude towards any tasks that I am expected to carry out, in order to improve my independence skills and my value as an employee and colleague.

I will approach my work with a positive outlook in order to do the best I can especially with any challenges I face.

I will push myself to improve my communication skills in order to help the rest of the Spark team in whatever way I can.

I will make myself aware of my mistakes and use them in a constructive way so that I can learn and progress.   

Aoife McHugh

During my three-weeks Work and Study Programme at Spark, I want to work on being more independent regarding to work and learning Spanish.

My Mission statement is about how I will accomplish my goals during this weeks.

I will take every task that I get serious and try my best, even if something doesn’t work how it should – I will ask my colleagues and learn from my mistakes.

I will be open to improve my Spanish skills by speaking with my staff and other Spanish speaking people without being scared – if I do not try, I will never learn.

I would like to be open and friendly with everybody I meet here during my time in Spark- I will take my chance to introduce myself and hopefully make new friendships.

I chose this opportunity to get a view of a different culture, a different workplace and learn from this experience as much as I can.

Finally, I want to be able speaking Spanish properly, being less bashful regarding to work/class and will hope to improve my self confidence.

I know that if I achieve all that I have listed above , then I will really enjoy my time here in Spain.

Stephanie Stojadinovic


Mission Statement

Throughout my six month internship work experience at Spark languages, I know that I will learn and achieve a lot for myself, as this opportunity brings benefits in both professional and personal aspects. This can also translate into a bigger commitment on my behalf, as this means I will be more enthusiastic to do work that benefits me personally, rather than simply seeing it as a job.

I will develop a more open mindset to working long hours and putting in effort to the full, breaking down any notion in myself that I don’t have drive, or the temptation to leave tasks until later, and always being a reliable staff member.

I will also help in creating the nice atmosphere that Spark has to offer, being a welcoming, friendly place to all that come here, and a supportive environment, whether they are working or learning Spanish. Being a more outwardly positive person doesn´t just have an effect on others, but also yourself, so it is as much of a benefit to me as the students I welcome to Spark.

I will also build a stronger professionally-oriented mindset, as working in a business is different to studying in a university. I can already see in the Spark team on my second day that we all rely on things we have done for each other, such as scheduling tasks, communicating important information about one others jobs, etc… so learning to work as an effective part of a team is key goal for me.

I will also become competent at speaking Spanish, as I have never learned another language fluently before, this will be a challenge for me that I welcome taking on.

George Lewington



During my three-week work and study Spanish programme at Spark, I want to work on my personal development and I want to be seen as an open-minded and reliable intern. This statement is going to explain how and what in particular I am planning to achieve during my stay.

I need to be motivated in order to be able to give 110% so I can live out my responsibilities with passion and excitement. Also being motivated will help me to complete my tasks the best I can. This will definitely be useful, considering my future work.

I will improve my ability of interacting with Spanish-speaking  people, by trying to speak Spanish as much as possible. This will not only be beneficial for my language skills, but also be part of my personality, which might open up career opportunities.

I need to have a positive attitude towards everybody and everything I will come across here at Spark, and generally in Spain, to get the most out of my work experience. Last but not least, I want to have a great time, gain lots of experience, get to know new people and a new culture, but most importantly; enjoy my stay.

Rebecca Kanevski


During my three-month placement at Spark, whilst working and studying Spanish, I want to work on my personal and professional development and become an efficient, reliable and valued staff member. My mission statement sets out how I will achieve this, and by reflecting on it, I can take responsibility for my own personal development.

I need to develop good work habits in order to reach my full potential in terms of what I can contribute to the team. This includes becoming conscious of negative and limiting thoughts when they occur to me, and replacing them with more constructive ones. In this way I can push myself to continue learning rather than being limited by self-doubt or blame.

I will take on challenging tasks rather than allowing my fear of failure to hold me back from trying. This may mean asking for help when I need it, and persevering with skills which I find harder to pick up. When I do fail, I will hold myself accountable and make sure the issue gets resolved. Whatever successes and failures I have, I will learn from them.

Rather than striving to carry out small tasks and details to perfection, I will consider how they fit into the bigger picture in terms of the objectives I am trying to achieve. In this way, I can allocate my time and energy efficiently, not spending too much time on less important details.

Chloe Huggon

Chloe Huggon

Finally, through my attitude and energy I will be a positive influence on the atmosphere at Spark. I will approach my daily work, regardless of the type of tasks I am carrying out, with enthusiasm and positivity.


Mark Boyle: MISSION STATEMENT on my work and study programme in Spain

During these first few initial days at Spark I have really began to consciously think about what I would like to get out of this six month work placement, and what goals I need to set in order to achieve this. I have set several professional and personal goals which I feel will benefit both me and spark languages as they will enable me to become a more effective and proficient worker and person. Just one of my goals is that I will improve my level of competence in Spanish. This will not only improve my ability to talk to Spanish-speaking customers but it will also benefit me personally as it will give me the ability to talk and interact with some local Spanish speakers.

While working here I will also create good work habits which will allow me to become an adept worker in almost any work environment. Although I may face some challenges on this placement I will work through those challenges with an optimistic attitude and will work with passion and excitement. While I still may make mistakes I will improve the quality of my work by learning from any mistakes which I may have made and ensuring not to repeat them. I will also make sure that I am accountable for any of my actions rather than blaming any others for my own mistakes  I will take accountability for anything that I may have done wrong. I also need to always ask and learn if I face problems which I cannot solve rather than saying I can’t do it.

I will also value the skills and wisdom of my other colleagues that I am working with and I will learn as much from them as I can. If I can use these effective habits I feel I will certainly have a very successful placement. By the end of this placement I will be happy if I know that I have genuinely made an effort at everything I have done, be it work or personal goals. It is very important to me that I learn as much as I can while on this placement and that I am able to contribute to Spark in a positive way.

Mark Boyle.


Request Info


Durante mis siete u ocho semanas trabajando en Spark conseguiré desarrollar buenos hábitos de trabajo que me serán útiles para el resto de mi vida profesional. Esto lo voy a lograr siendo una persona abierta al cambio y que siempre está dispuesta a aprender de todo y de todos para así poder desarrollarme profesionalmente y también crecer como persona. Además, voy a focalizar mis objetivos y para alcanzarlos voy a establecerme pequeñas metas a corto plazo para ir subiendo escalones poco a poco hasta llegar a ellos.

Mi trabajo consiste fundamentalmente en enseñar español, pero también voy a aprender muchísimo de todas las personas que voy a conocer, desde miembros de Spark hasta estudiantes, pues todos debemos valorarnos los unos a los otros. En las clases voy a esforzarme todo lo posible para que mis alumnos no sólo se motiven y aprendan español, sino que también me consideren como una profesora que ha sido capaz de dejar huella en sus mentes o en sus corazones, y esto lo voy a conseguir involucrándome al máximo en su proceso de aprendizaje.

Aprenderé a enfrentar tareas que me suponen un desafío o tareas que aún son nuevas y desconocidas para mí con una actitud positiva, puesto que lo que más deseo es aprovechar al máximo esta experiencia laboral. Siendo así, me gustaría que todos me viesen no sólo como una persona dinámica y siempre dispuesta a escuchar y a ayudar a los demás, sino también como una trabajadora humilde, responsable, comprometida y ambiciosa en el sentido de querer superarme cada día más. Además, seré capaz de tener iniciativa y aportar ideas nuevas a la empresa, y siempre tendré voluntad para aprender y cambiar con el fin de exprimir al máximo mis capacidades y aptitudes.

Cuando esta experiencia acabe, habré podido aprender y conseguir todo esto que me propongo principalmente porque habré dado el cien por cien de mí en todo momento para realizar mi trabajo de la mejor forma posible y para seguir progresando y creciendo tanto a nivel profesional como personal. El conocimiento que ganaré y las habilidades que desarrollaré trabajando en Spark serán frutos de un esfuerzo continuo y definitivamente estaré orgullosa de ello.

Elena Perez

It is my second day at Spark and I have received some tasks for my work and study programme here. During my three weeks of work and study program I want to achieve a lot. Therefore I will need a lot of energy but it will be profitable. I will learn what it means to be an employee in such an institution and hopefully what it means to be a member of a team because a good teamwork is important that an establishment works. At the end I want to be proud of my work and my progress.

I am not only here to have an insight in the working environment but also to improve my Spanish skills. The best way doing this is to communicate and interact with Spanish people like my fellow stuff or my manager. I want to reach a higher level of Spanish because I know it will help me in my future life. I am sure that I will achieve this goal. Therefore I will study a lot and my teachers and everyone in my environment will see my progress. I want them to be proud of me and to see me as a serious, hard working and experienced student or employee.

My tasks I will always do with a lot of passion. I know that I can make every task funny which would create a great work climate for everyone. During my internship I will make a Vlog where people from all over the world can see my experiences and my fascination for studying here. This will attract new potential students for Spark. I want to support the Spark with my work as good as I can. My big ambitions which are one of my biggest strengths will help me to achieve this objection.

Nobody is perfect! I need to accept this fact. I know this internship will change my personality in a positive way. I want to improve my weaknesses. That is my personal goal for this three weeks. I need to think about myself and ask me what I wanna ameliorate in my personality. The internship will not only help me to know myself better than I do in this moment but also to help my fellow man to work better with me. I aim for my personal progress will be an inspiration for someone. If that is the case this program was a big success for me.

At the end of my internship I want that my fellow students and staff as well as my manager remember me in a positive way. Moreover I want that everyone thinks that I have made a good job and I want to inspire them to do it just like me. For my manager I would like that he can say that he has taught me well. Furthermore I want him to be happy and satisfied by my work or better that he is impressed. Most importantly I have to be proud about myself an my work here in Spark. That is the condition for everything I have mentioned. For realize all these points I will take my tasks for serious and I will repeat learned things at home and put them into my memory. I will learn a lot and I will remember these experiences when I will be older and I will say that it was the right decision coming here for practicing.

Loreena Rech

During my 3 weeks work and study programme in Spain at Spark Spanish I will create good habits, which I can use my entire life. It is a completely new environment with a positive attitude and imagination in which I might face some challenges. I will learn from failures to make myself better and to fulfill my goals while being a part of the team here.

In my time here in Spark Spanish I will try my best to communicate with others and I will learn as much Spanish and as fast as I can. I want that the others will see me as hard working person during and after my stay. I also want that they can call me an open and brave character, willing to change. Especially during my Spanish language classes I want to be viewed as a quick learner and a nice person, everyone can become friend with.

I will contribute very positively to the community of Spark Spanish by being productive to my work with interior design. I will get the chance to be 100 percent myself and to give my own ideas. I take this job here in Spark as a good opportunity to learn from and with others and to earn skills in areas I can use my whole life. It is a chance to connect the school and the real world.

Looking back in 3 weeks here in Spark I will be proud of my progress personally and with my progress with my communication. I will be not afraid of being confident and creative after that.

To achieve those things I will give more than 100 percent!

Antonia Termath 18.07.17




At the end of my 2-week work and study programme at Spark, I would like to come out as a better person. I will strive to create blog posts that drive immense traffic to Spark website, with the aim to help Spark become a more well-known brand name and become the top choice for students and adults when they choose a school to study Spanish.

My personal objectives after the work experience programme would be to improve my marketing skills; especially in this case, I will learn how to write blog posts that drive traffic.

During my work and study experience, I want to be viewed by my colleagues as someone who always goes above and beyond and delivers more than is asked of her. I would like to bring tangible value to Spark in the form of creative content. I want my manager to view me as a person who takes initiatives, eager to learn and improve.

I will also leave my time at Spark being more confident in conversational Spanish and as a result. I will be a person that strives for the best and not afraid of making mistakes and learning from them.

Linh Tran

Es viernes, 28 de julio de 2017

Hola todo!

¡Hola a todos!
Me llamo Linh. Fui una estudiante en Spark escuela de idiomas y participé en el programa de trabajo y estudio durante 2 semanas, el cual me encantó. Esta fue mi primera vez en el sur de España. Siempre quise viajar a España para estudiar espeñol, pero nunca tuve la oportunidad. Antes de hacer el viaje, estaba un poco nerviosa, pero ahora estoy muy contenta.

Llegué al aeropuerto de Jerez el sábado por la mañana y a Spark a las 22h, donde me quedé las próximas dos semanas. ¡Las clases de español de Elena fueron muy divertidas! Las clases empezaban todos los dias a las 10 de la mañana. Por las tardes o bien tenía clases de cocina o viajaba a ciudades cercanas. Mis compañeros de clase fueron amables y comunicativos. Tuve muchas oportunidades para hablar español, tanto con mi profesora como con la población local. No hay muchas personas que hablen español aquí, así que tenía que hablar español.

Por la tarde tarde trabajé durante tres horas. Escribí blogs para la página web de la escuela Spark sobre mi experiencia en Spark y el Puerto de Santa María, así que otros potenciales estudiantes puede leer y, con suerte, venir a Spark para estudiar español! Tambien me encantó el Puerto de Santa María. Sus playas son muy bonitas, pasé tiempo con mis amigos de la escuela cada semana y finde. Visité unas ciudades que están cerca de El Puerto, como Cádiz, Sevilla y Sanlúcar, son hermosas.

Quiero agradecer por todo a Spark, quien ha hecho mi experiencia muy memorable.

In my time at Spark, I will gain valuable skills which I can use for the rest of my life. I will grasp every opportunity with both hands, whether learning new things or bettering skills I already have. After my ten weeks here I hope to be a better version of myself than I am now, with more knowledge and and skills that I can apply to my future endeavours. I will work hard and push myself to reach my goals, and I will be proud of how I spent my time here.

As an employee, I will be the person that everyone can trust to get the job done both efficiently and well. I will contribute to Spark but also learn myself by showing initiative, but at the same time will not be afraid to ask for help if needed. I will approach every task with enthusiasm and a positive attitude, which will help create a positive working environment.

I already have communication and teamwork skills, which I will be able to use and develop during my ten weeks at Spark. I will show my good work ethic by being hard working, responsible and mature.

As a student, I hope to dramatically improve my Spanish over the next ten weeks, and I am sure I will be able to see an improvement when my time is done. In order to better my Spanish I will practise whenever I can, seizing every opportunity to use my new skills. By September, the quality of my written work will have improved and I will have  become more confident when speaking out loud.

After ten weeks, I hope to have grown as a person and have developed new skills which I can use to make my way into the world of work. I will use my experience as both a student and an employee, but also my experience of a new culture, to make myself into a more rounded human being. I want to make my time here truly worthwhile, and will do everything possible to achieve that.


Jessica Knaggs