Throughout my six month work placement here at Spark, I want to achieve many things that are on a professional and academic level but also on a personal level. Some of the things that I will work to accomplish are as follows –

I will become confident with using the Spanish language. I will accomplish this by integrating myself into the Spanish culture and communicating with the Spark team, as well as with others that I may encounter even if at the time I may still not be comfortable with using the Spanish language.

I will develop good work ethics and skills that will help me reach my full potential and ones that will reflect in any of my future employment. I will accomplish this by engaging in every task that I’m given and completing it to the best of my ability.

I will break bad habits of leaving things to the last minute and create ones that help me stay motivated and pro-active. I will do this by creating a daily habit of staying on top of my tasks and responsibilities and planning ahead to avoid unnecessary issues.

I will develop independent thinking and be my own solution to problems and seek help only if unavoidable.

By the end of my placement, I will feel fulfilled with the work that I carried out. I will have contributed my best effort in helping the team run the company as efficiently as possible. I want to be seen as a supportive, professional and inspiring team member. Additionally, I wish to be seen as approachable to anybody with queries and I will accomplish that by having a positive attitude to everyone I meet.

I will support the values that Spark holds and commit to them myself by being a hard-working and caring individual who is always open to helping people and isn’t afraid to put in the extra bit of effort when things become challenging.

When I encounter a difficult task I will not turn away from it but instead say ‘I can do it’ and give it my best shot because that is the way to learn and develop.

When I complete my placement, I don’t just want my placement to be seen as part of my college degree but rather, I will look at this six month period as a time of growth, both professionally and personally, as a place where I understood what it means to be a true team player.

Most importantly, I want to feel proud of myself that I was able to successfully complete a placement that was challenging at times but proved to be one where I became confident with facing challenges and overcoming them with a positive attitude.

My 10 Power Statements:

  1. I will develop habits that help me stick to a consistent and healthy work ethic.
  2. I will say ‘I can do it’ if i ever feel self doubt.
  3. I will keep a positve attitude even when circumstances make it difficult.
  4. I will not be upset if I make mistakes as they are an important aspect of self development and learning.
  5. I will look at every opportunity and challenge with a positive attitude.
  6. I will develop confidence and initiative each and everyday.
  7. I will be passionate and excited about tasks presented before me.
  8. I will develop a habit of saying that I am not one thing but that I have the power to change anything about myself.
  9. I will make it a habit to reflect on my growth and development.
  10. I will remind myself that learning is a combined process of both failures and accomplishments.

What I am going to achieve during my time at Spark:

In my four weeks doing the work and study programme , learning work skills and practising Spanish language, I will become confident in speaking Spanish and having accomplished a good job.

I will achieve my goal to improve my Spanish every day, even if it takes me out of my comfort zone, by speaking to my host family daily and talking to people I might not know, no matter if it will only be the cashier. I will maintain regular use of Spanish and English as those will help me in my future life.

By doing my tasks organised and with motivation I want to prepare myself for future jobs and help Spark in terms of decoration and eg. helping with classes through my English.

Through organising and planning these tasks mostly by myself, I will learn to become independent and overall more organised.

When returning home I will be proud of the things I’ve accomplished, being a more confident, organised and well prepared person as well as being overall more positive and motivated.

Luise Köhler

10 Power Statements I will use on this process are:

1. I will ask and learn instead of saying “can’t”
2. I will be responsible for my own destiny
3. I won’t fear failure, as through failure I will learn
4. I will set myself goals and reflect on them continuosly
5. I will establish and stick to good working habits
6. I will do my responsibilities with motivation
7. I will spend my time wisely
8. I won’t put myself into any category
9. I will find positivity in every situation
10.I will always push myself to be better

After having completed this work experience and spanish programme, I will have learnt to be more responsible and independent as these are the key features for my self-development, reaching my full potential. I will have achieved this by working on my organisation skills, such as planning my projects – mural decorations of the school. This will help me in future to be able to manage my time better, organise it and thus being more responsible. My fellow staff, my director and most importantly myself will see me, Kajsa, as an organised, responsible and kind person with a positive attitude and mindset.

Furthermore, I will have improved my working skills in the process of the development of my communication skills, such as using the English language in a professional context and also being able to work as a team together with the other staff as I will have worked with principle in order to put team need in front of my own. My creativity will have also been promoted by doing several projects connected to interior design here at spark.

Moreover, I will have obtained cultural awareness and especially appreciation of both Cadiz and El Puerto de Santa Maria by including these two cities into my projects. By this, I will inspire others to admire the beauty of Spain in general, but especially El Puerto de Santa Maria, so that they will say “because of your painting, I realise how beautiful this city is”. Therefore, I will have reached my goals to decorate and paint the school´s wall, finishing my project, and by that helping others finding their admiration for this place.

My fellow students and staff and my manager will have always see me as a cooperative, polite, motivational and positive student who carries out her projects with passion.

Lastly, I will have improved my Spanish speaking skills by interacting with the team, the students and the teachers and especially by living in a host family, giving me the opportunity to practice my Spanish all the time. Therefore, I will have also learnt that I shall not fear failure as without failing, I will not learn.

In general, I will have established good working habits, I will have improved my Spanish speaking and I will have developed myself to reach my full potential.

Kajsa Lenz

During my two months working as Spark Secretary, I will challenge myself to become braver and more confident and will act in a way that will make me proud of myself when I return home. These are my personal “whys” which I will use to motivate and encourage myself throughout my time here.

This personal motivation will fuel my work and allow me to accomplish my professional objectives with passion and excitement, looking after students, keeping Spark clean and happy, and ensuring that all school trips here go smoothly.

I will take every opportunity to learn more about how to do my job well and will take initiative where I can.

I will find inspiration from my past successes and aim to improve on them in future, while accepting that I will make mistakes and that this isn’t a problem if I learn from them and don’t make excuses for myself.

I will be more confident every day.

At the end of my eight weeks here I want to be thought of as someone who was helpful and approachable, as a confident employee, as someone who could be relied on and took his responsibilities seriously, and a hard worker. In order to do that, I will push myself out of my comfort zone, take every opportunity I can, constantly ask myself what I can learn today to make me better at my job, work hard even when tired, and look after myself in my free time so that I can focus on my job when working.


My three why´s

  1. Improving my language for once working abroad
  2. I want to be able to talk to many different people in the future
  3. I want to accustom working habits, for using them in the future

After this three-weeks work and study programme in Spain I will be proud of what I have accomplished. I will become confident in speaking Spanish and doing a good job.

I will improve myself everyday by taking on challenging tasks instead of holding me back because of my fear to fail. This could be asking for tasks I think, which could be difficult. And if I fail, I will get sure to resolve it, make it better next time and I will learn out of it.

I also will learn some new work habits and apply them. They can bring me to my aim faster and with less detours than before.

I will stay confident and optimistic in every situation. Even if I don´t understand every word or task in the first moment, I will ask again and then I will work at this task as good as possible and with my new working habits.

But most of all I will be friendly to all the people from Spark and of course to my host family.

My ten power statements

  1. I will call it a goal not a dream
  2. I will learn out of my mistakes
  3. I will improve today, I won´t say I will do it tomorrow
  4. I will always be optimistic, even if not everything works well
  5. I will be confident in every situation
  6. I will not stop, if I can do better
  7. I will work with good working habits
  8. I will take my chance to improve my skills
  9. I will help creating a good atmosphere
  10. I will be my own solution

Emma Hohberg

During my work experience at Spark, learning good working habits and improving my Spanish. I want to become better at working efficiently and also overcome the habits that are holding me back from working at my max. Learning Spanish will even be a way for me to practice breaking bad working habits. Here are the 11 things I will do my utmost to achieve during my work experience:

  • I will put the needs of work ahead of my own and take learning seriously.
  • I will break old working habits and actively practice a growth mindset.
  • I will improve at speaking Spanish and become better at understanding it.
  • I will make sure to stay on schedule and be aware of my tasks.
  • I will set my goals clear on a micro-scale (the ones i can do today) and reflect on them continually.
  • I will see every task that I get in a positive way, even if I don’t like it, as I know how important it is to learn to turn negative feelings into positive ones.
  • I will distance myself from things that would hold me back on improving.
  • I will take on every task that I get with passion and motivation.
  • I will be as helpful and useful member of “staff” as I can be.
  • I will learn from my mistakes.
  • And most of all I will be as nice and cheerful as possible to everyone at Spark and also to my host family.

Gabriel Spaude

During my work and study internship at Spark Languages, I will become confident and competent in learning and using Spanish by making the most of the culture and people that I am surrounded by.

I will also develop a can do attitude towards any tasks that I am expected to carry out, in order to improve my independence skills and my value as an employee and colleague.

I will approach my work with a positive outlook in order to do the best I can especially with any challenges I face.

I will push myself to improve my communication skills in order to help the rest of the Spark team in whatever way I can.

I will make myself aware of my mistakes and use them in a constructive way so that I can learn and progress.   

Aoife McHugh

During my three-weeks Work and Study Programme at Spark, I want to work on being more independent regarding to work and learning Spanish.

My Mission statement is about how I will accomplish my goals during this weeks.

I will take every task that I get serious and try my best, even if something doesn’t work how it should – I will ask my colleagues and learn from my mistakes.

I will be open to improve my Spanish skills by speaking with my staff and other Spanish speaking people without being scared – if I do not try, I will never learn.

I would like to be open and friendly with everybody I meet here during my time in Spark- I will take my chance to introduce myself and hopefully make new friendships.

I chose this opportunity to get a view of a different culture, a different workplace and learn from this experience as much as I can.

Finally, I want to be able speaking Spanish properly, being less bashful regarding to work/class and will hope to improve my self confidence.

I know that if I achieve all that I have listed above , then I will really enjoy my time here in Spain.

Stephanie Stojadinovic


Mission Statement

Throughout my six month internship work experience at Spark languages, I know that I will learn and achieve a lot for myself, as this opportunity brings benefits in both professional and personal aspects. This can also translate into a bigger commitment on my behalf, as this means I will be more enthusiastic to do work that benefits me personally, rather than simply seeing it as a job.

I will develop a more open mindset to working long hours and putting in effort to the full, breaking down any notion in myself that I don’t have drive, or the temptation to leave tasks until later, and always being a reliable staff member.

I will also help in creating the nice atmosphere that Spark has to offer, being a welcoming, friendly place to all that come here, and a supportive environment, whether they are working or learning Spanish. Being a more outwardly positive person doesn´t just have an effect on others, but also yourself, so it is as much of a benefit to me as the students I welcome to Spark.

I will also build a stronger professionally-oriented mindset, as working in a business is different to studying in a university. I can already see in the Spark team on my second day that we all rely on things we have done for each other, such as scheduling tasks, communicating important information about one others jobs, etc… so learning to work as an effective part of a team is key goal for me.

I will also become competent at speaking Spanish, as I have never learned another language fluently before, this will be a challenge for me that I welcome taking on.

George Lewington



During my three-week work and study Spanish programme at Spark, I want to work on my personal development and I want to be seen as an open-minded and reliable intern. This statement is going to explain how and what in particular I am planning to achieve during my stay.

I need to be motivated in order to be able to give 110% so I can live out my responsibilities with passion and excitement. Also being motivated will help me to complete my tasks the best I can. This will definitely be useful, considering my future work.

I will improve my ability of interacting with Spanish-speaking  people, by trying to speak Spanish as much as possible. This will not only be beneficial for my language skills, but also be part of my personality, which might open up career opportunities.

I need to have a positive attitude towards everybody and everything I will come across here at Spark, and generally in Spain, to get the most out of my work experience. Last but not least, I want to have a great time, gain lots of experience, get to know new people and a new culture, but most importantly; enjoy my stay.

Rebecca Kanevski


During my three-month placement at Spark, whilst working and studying Spanish, I want to work on my personal and professional development and become an efficient, reliable and valued staff member. My mission statement sets out how I will achieve this, and by reflecting on it, I can take responsibility for my own personal development.

I need to develop good work habits in order to reach my full potential in terms of what I can contribute to the team. This includes becoming conscious of negative and limiting thoughts when they occur to me, and replacing them with more constructive ones. In this way I can push myself to continue learning rather than being limited by self-doubt or blame.

I will take on challenging tasks rather than allowing my fear of failure to hold me back from trying. This may mean asking for help when I need it, and persevering with skills which I find harder to pick up. When I do fail, I will hold myself accountable and make sure the issue gets resolved. Whatever successes and failures I have, I will learn from them.

Rather than striving to carry out small tasks and details to perfection, I will consider how they fit into the bigger picture in terms of the objectives I am trying to achieve. In this way, I can allocate my time and energy efficiently, not spending too much time on less important details.

Chloe Huggon

Chloe Huggon

Finally, through my attitude and energy I will be a positive influence on the atmosphere at Spark. I will approach my daily work, regardless of the type of tasks I am carrying out, with enthusiasm and positivity.


Mark Boyle: MISSION STATEMENT on my work and study programme in Spain

During these first few initial days at Spark I have really began to consciously think about what I would like to get out of this six month work placement, and what goals I need to set in order to achieve this. I have set several professional and personal goals which I feel will benefit both me and spark languages as they will enable me to become a more effective and proficient worker and person. Just one of my goals is that I will improve my level of competence in Spanish. This will not only improve my ability to talk to Spanish-speaking customers but it will also benefit me personally as it will give me the ability to talk and interact with some local Spanish speakers.

While working here I will also create good work habits which will allow me to become an adept worker in almost any work environment. Although I may face some challenges on this placement I will work through those challenges with an optimistic attitude and will work with passion and excitement. While I still may make mistakes I will improve the quality of my work by learning from any mistakes which I may have made and ensuring not to repeat them. I will also make sure that I am accountable for any of my actions rather than blaming any others for my own mistakes  I will take accountability for anything that I may have done wrong. I also need to always ask and learn if I face problems which I cannot solve rather than saying I can’t do it.

I will also value the skills and wisdom of my other colleagues that I am working with and I will learn as much from them as I can. If I can use these effective habits I feel I will certainly have a very successful placement. By the end of this placement I will be happy if I know that I have genuinely made an effort at everything I have done, be it work or personal goals. It is very important to me that I learn as much as I can while on this placement and that I am able to contribute to Spark in a positive way.

Mark Boyle.


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