4 tips on how to make the most of a language school

Studying abroad is not cheap and you have probably paid a ton of money for a few weeks or months at a language school this summer, and are probably wondering how you can make the most of your time there. In this article, we give out the top 4 tips from our own students on how they have had the best time learning Spanish with us.


  1. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

There is no success without failures and the same goes for learning a foreign language. Fear of being laughed at or not understood often gets in the way of us actually speaking the language or even attempting to speak. However, practice makes perfect. There is no better way to perfect the art of speaking another language other than just do it. By just speaking it out, the first time could be discouraging when you see the other person’s confused face. But do not give up. Keep going. You will learn what you don’t know and honestly, the other person might actually want to keep the conversation going so they will help you correct the mistakes!



  1. Speak Spanish outside of classes

Don’t just practice when you are with your teacher or classmates. Utilise the opportunity that you are surrounded by friendly locals, who also want to get to know a foreign speaker! They will understand that you are Spanish student, so making mistakes is essential! If you want to learn about the local culture of your Spanish school location, why not strike a conversation with a local? This way you practice both your speaking, listening and even learn a new thing or two that will surprise you!



  1. Write blogs in Spanish

Beginners of Spanish with a limited vocabulary – do not fear. There are two big benefits of keeping a regular blog in Spanish whilst you’re at it. Firstly, over the course of a few weeks when you look back at your first blog, you will be impressed by how much you have improved, honestly. Secondly, isn’t this a writing practice too? You can write about what you did on the day or what you plan to do the next day – and I am sure that your usage of past and future tense will improve radically.



  1. Visit nearby towns

Usually, Spanish lessons run for only a few hours a day so definitely make the most of your time by going on a day trip to nearby cities. Immerse in the culture, eat traditional food, watch a flamenco show or ask the camarero (bartender) about the origin of revuelto (a traditional Spanish dish with eggs and potatoes), you will fall in love with the country before you know it.


Our Spanish courses at Spark are designed so as students have plenty of opportunities to practice speaking Spanish. Some of our students say they have spoken more Spanish in a week than they had in their entire few years studying the language at home. Cultural events such as trips to nearby cities (Cádiz in the picture above) are also organised every week, as we truly believe that education does not stay inside the classrooms.


Head onto course page to find out what Spanish courses we offer and if you need help choosing between different Spanish school, our blog here could help!

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