My experiences with languages

Hey,it’s me again 🙂

Today I will talk about my personal experiences with different languages, countries and cultures, especially the experiences I have made so far here in Spain. First of all this is not my first time in an other country, I already traveled much in my life and did two student exchanges, one in France last year and one a few week ago in Slowakia. There is a big difference between staying in a hotel in summer break or actually live in a spanish or french family and go to school or having work experiences. 

– La Palza de Toros –

In the time I stayed in those families I learned so much about the culture and the way they were living. I studied french for 4 years in school, but from my personal experience I can say that those 9 day in France were way more effective than classes in Germany, because you are in constant confrontation with the language. In this time I improved my language skills a lot. It’s the same thing here in Spain, I only arrived a few day ago and I have the feeling I already improved my language skills, especially in daily situations. In school you often do not have the change to speak that much, especially not about daily conversations but more about grammar and rules. In my view this constant confrontation with another language the best way to learn a new language because most of the time you can’t just switch the language because otherwise the person you are talking would not be able to understand you. 

In my few days here in Spain I learned to have daily conversations even with native speakers and now I’m more secure when I have to answer. The conversations I have with the people around me are start getting longer and more difficult. I’m excited to improve my language skills even more and learn more about the culture here in Spain in my next 2 weeks. 

Below I will show a few pictures from my other exchanges and of cours from my experiences so far here in Spain. 😉

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