Work and Study in Spain: Mission Statement Loreena Rech

It is my second day at Spark and I have received some tasks for my work and study programme here. During my three weeks of work and study program I want to achieve a lot. Therefore I will need a lot of energy but it will be profitable. I will learn what it means to be an employee in such an institution and hopefully what it means to be a member of a team because a good teamwork is important that an establishment works. At the end I want to be proud of my work and my progress.

I am not only here to have an insight in the working environment but also to improve my Spanish skills. The best way doing this is to communicate and interact with Spanish people like my fellow stuff or my manager. I want to reach a higher level of Spanish because I know it will help me in my future life. I am sure that I will achieve this goal. Therefore I will study a lot and my teachers and everyone in my environment will see my progress. I want them to be proud of me and to see me as a serious, hard working and experienced student or employee.

My tasks I will always do with a lot of passion. I know that I can make every task funny which would create a great work climate for everyone. During my internship I will make a Vlog where people from all over the world can see my experiences and my fascination for studying here. This will attract new potential students for Spark. I want to support the Spark with my work as good as I can. My big ambitions which are one of my biggest strengths will help me to achieve this objection.

Nobody is perfect! I need to accept this fact. I know this internship will change my personality in a positive way. I want to improve my weaknesses. That is my personal goal for this three weeks. I need to think about myself and ask me what I wanna ameliorate in my personality. The internship will not only help me to know myself better than I do in this moment but also to help my fellow man to work better with me. I aim for my personal progress will be an inspiration for someone. If that is the case this program was a big success for me.

At the end of my internship I want that my fellow students and staff as well as my manager remember me in a positive way. Moreover I want that everyone thinks that I have made a good job and I want to inspire them to do it just like me. For my manager I would like that he can say that he has taught me well. Furthermore I want him to be happy and satisfied by my work or better that he is impressed. Most importantly I have to be proud about myself an my work here in Spark. That is the condition for everything I have mentioned. For realize all these points I will take my tasks for serious and I will repeat learned things at home and put them into my memory. I will learn a lot and I will remember these experiences when I will be older and I will say that it was the right decision coming here for practicing.

Loreena Rech

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