“We believe in YOU. Your learning is our passion”

We believe in a lot of things. Our most important beliefs are on this page and they guide us in anything we do here at SparkSpanish. Look for yourself and see if our beliefs can inspire you to become part of a new Spark experience.

“Language learning is much more than that.”

Learning a language is not about learning grammar rules and drilling new vocabulary. Learning a language is finding a new way to express yourself, playing around with sounds, words, ideas to form new sentences and thoughts. It is about having a whole new experience, meeting new people, learning about a new culture, being exposed to different habits, music, films, exploring a new culture, socially interacting with people like you or completely different to you. Learning a language is also about a new personal project, pushing yourself to accomplish something new, finding challenges in everyday tasks and most of all: learning and developing as a person.

“Language learning is about bursting bubbles.”

We all have our own social and cultural networks that we belong to in which we have our own linguistic identities. Often it is difficult to learn a new language because we haven’t got the exposure to the new language and don’t find enough opportunities to practice the language, be that speaking, listening or reading for example. At Spark we believe that a language is not just learned inside the classroom. Instead a lot of learning can take place by breaking barriers and opening up new avenues where you can put into practice what you have learned on the course and further build upon that. This is why at Spark we use the innovative fresh approach Spark learning booklet‘, which allows you to map your own progress and achievements easily and motivates you to always push for that next step that can still be achieved.

“Anybody can learn a language.”

We believe that everybody can learn a new language, whether or not you have a talent for languages,  are a slow or a fast learner, a visual or an aural learner, a grammar animal or a let’s-have-a-beer-and-just-speak-Spanish person, a logical or an emotional learner… Why? Because every learner has their own strengths, interests and reasons for studying a language. And exactly because learning a language is ‘so much more than that’, everybody will be able to build upon their own strengths in our programmes.

Language learning is an enjoyable experience.”

Learning a language has the potential to open up doors, make you see the world from a new perspective and allow you to gain more insight in others and yourself. In order to achieve this, the process of learning a language should always be enjoyable. Only something that you really enjoy will give you the opportunity to make the most of all these extras that language learning gives you.
We at Spark believe that an enjoyable experience starts with the very first contact you have with us all the way till the end. This is why we believe in personal attention for all our students, why we greatly value passion in all our staff members, why we are so proud of our classes, which are always interactive and enjoyable and why we put so much attention and detail into our social and cultural events programme.

“Language learning is a rewarding experience.”

Learning a language gives you the opportunity to learn, enjoy, develop, meet, speak, listen, eat, laugh, perceive, think…. or to put it simply: to have an experience that allows you to develop your learning and personality and make you feel proud of your achievements, the struggles you overcame and the social and personal accomplishments along the way.

For all these reasons mentioned above, we believe in what we do, we believe in our staff, we believe in our Spanish courses, we believe in our fresh approach and methodolody but most of all, we believe in you and your capability to learn Spanish. Hence our slogan:

“Your learning, our passion”

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  1. I agree! Coming from the reverse of Spark – i.e. teaching English to Spanish speakers – I know that learning simply can’t occur without instilling a learner with confidence and belief. This isn’t only true of beginners, but intermediate and advanced students too! Language is about expression, sharing ideas and being independent. The team at Spark definitely have the experience and know-how to make learning effective, fresh and fun!

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