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Learning to cook like the Spaniards

This week is my last week as an intern for my work & study program at Spark. In the six weeks I have been here, I wrote blogpost about the Spanish cultural events at Spark. This week we had our third Spanish cooking class since my arrival at Spark. It is a fantastic cultural activity dedicated to the delicious cuisine of Andalusia and Spain. Moreover, these cooking activities are good to practice your Spanish vocabulary. The students will choose or write a Spanish recipy and secondly they need to buy the food in the Spanish supermarket. During the activity we try to speak as much Spanish as possible!

In our first cooking class we made Paella (a must) and Tortillitas de Camarones, which are small shrimp fritters or cakes. You can make them easily by mixing wheat flour, water, onion, parsley, small shrimps (camarones), salt and pepper. Paella is a dish that every Spanish food-lover knows, and you have many different versions. In our class we made one with ‘sea fruits’, and it was delicious!

The second cooking class was also a great activity to experience Spain’s rich cuisine. We made Huevos a la Flamenco, a typical and a very popular Andalusian dish. The eggs are baked atop a thick, spicy tomato sauce, with a lot of vegetables and different herbs. You should try this once, it is absolutely delicious! You can make it for lunch, or serve it for dinner, and it will be a hit every time.

In the third cooking class we made ensalada mediterranea (Mediterranean Salad) and huevos fritos con chorizo, pimientos verde y patatas , a delicious dish with fried potatoes, peppers, chorizo and eggs. It is easy to make and it is perfect when you do not have much time to cook, but still would like to have a yummy dish.

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