My Mission Statement

My three why´s

  1. Improving my language for once working abroad
  2. I want to be able to talk to many different people in the future
  3. I want to accustom working habits, for using them in the future

After this three-weeks work and study programme in Spain I will be proud of what I have accomplished. I will become confident in speaking Spanish and doing a good job.

I will improve myself everyday by taking on challenging tasks instead of holding me back because of my fear to fail. This could be asking for tasks I think, which could be difficult. And if I fail, I will get sure to resolve it, make it better next time and I will learn out of it.

I also will learn some new work habits and apply them. They can bring me to my aim faster and with less detours than before.

I will stay confident and optimistic in every situation. Even if I don´t understand every word or task in the first moment, I will ask again and then I will work at this task as good as possible and with my new working habits.

But most of all I will be friendly to all the people from Spark and of course to my host family.

My ten power statements

  1. I will call it a goal not a dream
  2. I will learn out of my mistakes
  3. I will improve today, I won´t say I will do it tomorrow
  4. I will always be optimistic, even if not everything works well
  5. I will be confident in every situation
  6. I will not stop, if I can do better
  7. I will work with good working habits
  8. I will take my chance to improve my skills
  9. I will help creating a good atmosphere
  10. I will be my own solution

Emma Hohberg

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