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After a long day of studying and immersion into the Spanish language and culture, you might want to spend some time getting to know the town by night. El Puerto de Santa Maria has many popular bars and a very active nightlife scene with something for everybody: from relaxed tapas bars to go for a drink and some food to big clubs where you can dance till the early hours.

We would be more than happy to give you a more detailed list of the bars to go to upon your arrival to Spark, but here are some of our favourites:

TK3 beach bar: a bar right on the El Manantial beach with a very intimate and Moorish atmosphere. You can choose to sit inside or take your drink out on to the beach and stare at the sea while getting engaged in a discussion about life.  Perfect to combine with a walk along the 6 kms of beach which lead into the centre of town.

Slightly more alternative and with some very good live gigs and film nights is El Barsito, a small bar with fantastic music to practice your dance moves.

Go for a drink and a dance (or watch others dance) in a real Morish atmosphere in El Reconquista, where you will find different “coves” each with their own special feel to them!

Milwaukee, a very friendly bar with regular gigs and slightly more alternative music.

If you want to go for a slightly quieter night Blanco and Negro is a perfect place with fabulous small expositions of smaller artists on their walls, which are changed on a regular basis, whereas El niño perdido and Bar and Co are perfect places to go for some clubbing and dancing till the early hours.

Like the sounds of El Puerto’s nightlife, why not check out more info on El Puerto de Santa Maria.  Also have a query about the town, why not contact us.  Always dont forget to check out our Spanish courses.

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  1. El Puerto is a very picturesque Spanish town located on the Costa de la Luz with approximately 22 km. of Atlantic coastline and eight beaches of fine golden sand!

    El puerto really comes to life in the summer months when Spanish ‘tourists’ flock en masse and the town takes on a wholly new character. There are a great many little tapas bars to enjoy at the start of any night out and you will be spolied by El Puerto’s active nightlife scene which continues right in to the early hours of the morning with something to please everybody.

    Personally my favourite bar is El Barsito on Calle Milagros with its friendly staff, live music each night and extensive cocktail menu which, taken together, lends the bar to fun-loving and eclectic international customers who, if they cannot get a seat inside, are happy to sing and dance outside on the street!

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