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Are you going on Erasmus to study at a Spanish speaking university? Will you be part of a Lifelong Learning Programme? Have you got a Socrates abroad planned for next year? With our ‘Spanish and University Course’ you get the perfect preparation for this Spanish in Spain University experience!

Our Spark team is made up of many people who did an Erasmus or exchange in a foreign country, many of them in Spain, and we therefore have a special interest in preparing students for their Erasmus experience as best as we can. We know it is impossible to speak Spanish perfectly before starting at university but doing the right type of preparation course can make a big difference which is way an intensive Spanish Course with Spark is the perfect way to start your Erasmus year.

Best way to prepare for Erasmus

With this option you get the same programme as the General Spanish course, including the cultural and social events programme and all our other extras, but for an unique price available only to current universiy students (check out the special university offer).  Plus we will do our best to pass on the tips we know about how life in Spain will be for you: i.e. tips on how to find an appartment, how to make the most of your Spanish learning during your Erasmus, how to deal with key paperwork and many other practical areas to make your stay just that little bit easier and make you feel more prepared! Not to mention the advantage of learning or refreshing your Spanish right before the start of your university course!

This course will be run by Spark staff who did their exchange in Spain recently and are therefore well informed on the challenges of studying in a Spanish university! For full information on this unique opportunity please check out special university offer page.

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