Best ways to learn Spanish!

You are thinking about learning Spanish, but you don’t know where to start?

Well here are my suggestions how I think YOU will get the best out of your effort!

1. Get the basics!

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Whenever you want to learn a new language, the most important thing is to get the basics. Phrases of everyday use, numbers, basic grammar rules and of course some vocabulary. The best way to learn these, is attending some kind of Spanish classes and especially, having a teacher, who can correct and help you, to make sure you learn Spanish properly, right away!

2. Vocabulary

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Besides grammar, vocabulary one of the most important parts, when it comes to learning a new language. But no worries! There are other possibilities of learning vocabs, than desperately trying to remember them all, while spending hours  at your desk. One of my favourites is putting sticky notes on all objects you have at home, saying the Spanish word on them. Also, you can use two different colours, that will make it way easier for you to remember the article! For example you could put a red sticky note on your door saying “la puerta” and a blue one saying “el reloj” next to your watch. This works for rooms like bathroom, kitchen etc. real good as well!

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3. Include Spanish in your daily life!

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Read spanish books, listen to spanish songs, watch the news or your favourite movies in spanish, get yourself a Spanish-CD you can listen to, while using your car, to practice your listening/ reading comprehension! This is a good preparation for you to understand spanish-speaking people, without needing them to extremely slow down their speed of talking! Most spanish teacher won’t be speaking like natives, especially whilst giving spanish lessons. I experienced that myself, as I decided to do a three-week internship in Spain, after having learned Spanish for three years in school, and been struggling to understand what people were saying, when I first got here!

4. Practice makes perfect!

I don’t think there’s much more to say about this! We all know how much truth is behind those simple words! One thing I’d suggest is going abroad, ’cause it’s the simplest and best way to practice and use your spanish. Also, you’re travelling and exploring a new country and culture!

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