Work and study in Spain: Mission Statement – Alex

ALEX BRYLL: MISSION STATEMENT on my work and study programme in Spain

During my 5 weeks of work and study experience, I will develop awareness of what it means to be an employee. I will learn how to make the most of my internship whether I’m working solo or with a team. Knowledge and skills that I will acquire while being a part of the Spark team will bring me benefits later on in my life and I will be proud of the process I went through to achieve my goals.


In terms of learning Spanish, I will be doing my best to communicate with clients and co-workers in this language and I will learn as much as possible each and every day. I want to be viewed as a hardworking but easy-going person, with who everyone could have a chat and be friends, but at the same time, responsible and willing to change and improve. My native Spanish speaker – Elena will see my progress in learning the language, in terms of confidence and fluency. Also, I will leave an impression on my fellow students as a quick learner, always prepared and on time.

I will contribute positively to the community of Spark by being committed and productive to my office work. I will become a better individual by supporting my team and learning from their experiences, because everyone has a story to tell. This is a great opportunity to meet new people and practice networking skills while establishing a network of professional contacts and mentors.It will be a chance to practice communication/teamwork skills and provide evidence that I am initiative, reliable and have a sense of responsibility. I will apply some of the ideas learned in school and provide a bridge between school and the professional world.

At the end, I will notice that I have grown as a person and developed good work habits. I will be proud of my language and work skills because I will know that everything that I have accomplished is the result of my hard work and ambitions.

Alex Bryll

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