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Spanish Classes and Teaching Tips for your Classes!

Are you a Spanish teacher looking to give your Spanish a bit of a boost? Or maybe you’re looking for ideas for your classes? Then we have the perfect course for you! We have combined Spanish classes with Spanish language teaching workshops so that not only can you improve your Spanish, but you can also gain valuable teaching ideas!

Key aspects
Classes 10 classes + 4 days of social and cultural events per week
Workshops Geared towards giving extra lesson ideas for your class from an ESL teacher.
Timetable 10-12.00 class, 12-14:00 workshop,15 mins break in between.
Levels B2 or C1
Starting dates One week course in October half term
Accommodation in the Spark residence, single room, shared bathroom.
Extras Free social events programme, all books included, Spark learning booklet and many more extras!
Prices €199* (which includes accommodation and excludes flights)

* €149 if you have confirmed an interest in our school group trip programmes.

The classes will be set at a B2/C1 level and will make sure it covers all aspects of language that would be covered in everyday lessons back in your home schools. Whether you are a secondary school teacher, or you teach A-level Spanish, these classes will be very worth your while and very useful in the long run.

DELE-exam-course-160'120The workshops are a great way for you to refresh your teaching resources with our fully trained and very experienced ESL teachers. These workshops include conversational role plays, C1 DELE preparation and questions if you are looking to take the DELE exam, and discovering the joy of using expressions in class. There are a lot of opportunities for you teachers and our ESL teachers to swap ideas and learn new techniques to use in your classroom back home!

Another very valuable asset we have is that in our academy, we have an English department where you can participate in intercambio situations. This is a great way to not only practice and perfect your Spanish with local people from El Puerto de Santa Maria, but also have the possibility of gaining valuable ties in the Spanish speaking world.

Due to the fact that we run School Group Trips, we offer a special discount for teachers who have already come to Spark with a school group, or for those teachers who show a big interest in our Trips. These trips are a fantastic way for students to learn Spanish in a practical and fun way, and also experience the Spanish way of life.

If you have any questions about this course or our school group programme, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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