Mission Statement: Wencke Röttger

During my four-week study and work internship at Spark I want to develop personally and professionally. In order to do so, I am going to see the work experience in Spain as an opportunity to improve my skills and face my weaknesses in order to erase them.

First, I will improve my Spanish skills by talking Spanish with my colleagues as often as possible.
Furthermore, I will think positively about my given tasks as they all are opportunities to learn something new.
I will do my very best to master those tasks in a responsible and reliable way and finish them on time.
I will try out all of the things I am asked to do even if they challenge me to develope and become a better person and to gain as much experience as possible through the internship.
Although I will try to master the tasks independently, I will not be afraid to ask my co-workers for help if I need to and on the other hand I will help them as well whenever I can.
I will generally be a positive and gentle person and try to keep calm in every situation.
Finally, I will be accountable for everything I do and execute my tasks accordingly.

Wencke Röttger

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