10 Funniest Spanish mistakes


Every learner of a Spanish has probably experienced it before: thinking you said something perfectly but when you looked at the red faces of those around you, you realized that you had made another embarrassing mistake…

Here we have collated the 10 funniest ones we could think of but please hesitate to let us know new ones if you can think of them. Make sure you don’t end up in one of these situations and start learning Spanish now 🙂

  1. Anoche comí pecado – Last night I ate sin.
    Anoche comí pescado – Last night I ate fish.
  2. Querría una ensalada con polla. – I would like a salad with the male sexual organ.
    Querría una ensalada con pollo. – I would like a chicken salad.
  3. Quiero ser sucio. – I want to be dirty.
    Quiero ser socio. – I want to be a member.
  4. Mis hombres están cansados – My men are tired.
    Mis hombros están cansados. – My shoulders are tired.
  5. Estoy casado. – I am married.
    Estoy cansado. – I am tired.
  6. Estoy muy embarazada – I am very pregnant.
    Estoy muy avergonzada. – I’m very embarrassed.
  7. Soy caliente. – I’m hot. (in attractive / good-looking sense).
    Tengo calor. – I’m hot. (in a temperature sense).
  8. Este zumo es sin preservativos? – Is this juice without condoms?
    Este zumo es sin aditivos? – Is this juice without preservatives?
  9. Eres un verdadero caballo! – You’re a true horse!
    Eres un verdadero caballero! – You’re a true gentleman!
  10. Estoy muy exitada! – I am very horny.
    Estoy muy emocionada! – I am very excited.

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