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Here are 10 interesting facts about Spain that will hopefully be of interest and just might make you chuckle a little…

  1. Spanish nationals are officially the smallest in the European Union.  Their Dutch and German counterparts are the tallest.
  2. Madrid is the second highest (in terms of altitude) capital city in Europe.  It is also located exactly in the centre of Spain, with the Puerta de Sol marking the precise spot.
  3. Apart from the Scandinavian countries, Spain is the least densely population area in the European Union.  It also has 8,000kms of beaches, the largest amount in Europe.
  4. Spain has the second highest number of bars per person in the EU, with 1 bar for every 129 people.
  5. Spain has the second highest (after France) number of tourist visitors in the world.  The tourist trade is by far the country’s biggest industry.
  6. El Corte Inglés, Spain’s biggest department store, was so named because its original business was importing and reselling fabrics made in England.
  7. Spanish school students more commonly use squared paper than lined.
  8. In most Spanish towns the side of the road you can park your car on changes every month.  This law (and resulting fine) is vigorously enforced by the local police so don’t be surprised to see locals rushing out the first Monday of the month to re-park their car on the other side of the road!
  9. Spanish people are incredibly social and it is not unusual to see mixture of ages, ranging from 18 to 60+, dancing away in the same clubs.
  10. Spanish children don’t believe in the tooth fairy, they believe in a friendly mouse called “Ratoncito Pérez”.

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