Hola a todos!

I’m back, it has been a while, I know! I have been in El Puerto de Santa Maria for over 3 months now, and the time is flying by.
The weekend just gone, was one I had been dreading; A work weekend in the mountains. Although I had been told by numerous of my work mates that it would be “really fun” and “not just work”, it safe to say I was not one bit convinced.

The work weekend started off on Friday night, in Zapata, the Mexican restaurant that we went to on our very first night. Here, I met lots of new people, the majority of which were returnee TECS summer camp staff. There were over 20 of us, and I enjoyed meeting new people… a lot of whom were close to my age.

Saturday began early, we had to leave El Puerto at 9, and with 4 girls and 1 bathroom, it was essential to be up in time to fight for your hygiene.. Luckily, there were no fights and we all managed a shower…!

When Niall picked us up at 9, he joked there was a cat trapped in the engine of his van.. We laughed it off and made our way happily to the station. As we drove down by the port, we heard a noise… A feline sounding noise… Horrified, we realised that Niall had not been joking (although he had thought the cat had escaped by the time he picked us up).

At the station, we meet with nearly all the other TECS staff that were going on the Training Planning Weekend (TPW). After telling them about the cat, they became just as worried as us, until Maria Canos saved the day by rescuing the tiny ginger kitten out of the engine.

After that adventure, Niall drove us to Grazalema, which took about an hour and a half. On arrival we were greeted by a delicious breakfast, introductory presentation by Doug and a tour of the area by Niall. Then we set to work for a few hours.

I worked on a presentation for Spark, while the others worked on TECS summer camp objectives. We also had a music session where we sang and danced to the TECS song and the brand new Spark Spanish song. (It is awesome!)

After a relatively short day of work, we had a tasty BBQ and relaxed out doors with a few drinks. At about 1AM, we took it inside where Fiona and Kylie split us into teams and gave us a quiz, with rounds including; tecs knowledge, who am i, random facts and music.

I am proud to say my team, which consisted of Doug, Henry, Ella, Jill and me, won. We celebrated with a bottle of bubble and some chocolates.

After that, most people went to bed, while the lively young ones (Rosa, Niall, Fiona, David, Guille, Ali, Fiona and I), managed till at least 5am…

On Sunday, work began at 11 and finished at 2. It was a relaxing work day and I felt the calm atmosphere surrounding the weekend was excellent.

In the end, it was a productive weekend, which turned out to be a lot more fun than I anticipated, and I really enjoyed it.

This week, I am planning to go to Feria. I will keep you updated!

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