Or the “Alumbrao” as Spaniards call it..This took place in El Puerto last night, and lucky for me, I was there to witness it!

The first part of the night began (for me) at about 10pm, when I watched the fireworks from the roof top of my apartment. They consisted of gorgeous bright pinks, cool greens, tranquil blues and fiesty reds! It really was a beautiful site to see lighting up the night sky.

Next, Fiona, Sanne and I caught a bus to Feria. When we arrived we were amazed at all the lights, food, stalls and the electric atmosphere.

We managed some candy floss (algodon dulce), some sweet waffles with chocolate and cream (gofres con chocolate y nata) and a tinto de verano, of course! The pink candy floss was my personal favourite.

After gaining about two stone from the food stalls, we looked around the markets, paradise if you like bling bling jewelry, or anything cheap and cheerful really!

Then, we meet up with Josh and Hazel and went to the back of the Feria grounds, where there is a massive funfair. I went on one roller coaster with Sanne and thought I was going to die. Luckily, we both survived and the adrenaline rush afterwards was well worth it!

At about 2AM, we made our way back to the bus, not without noticing the masses of “Sevillanas” tents/marquees, where all ages of men, women and children could be seen following the movements of Sevillanas.

The fashion at Feria was so extravagent and colourful and beautiful, but tonight is Ladies night, so I can imagine it will become 100 times better than it was yesterday…!

I’ll keep you posted!

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