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Feliz Nuevo Año a todos! We all hope you had a wonderful holiday season and that the 3 Kings brought you exactly what you wanted! I was lucky enough to find a pack of “First Spanish Flashcards” under the Christmas tree! My Spanish farm vocabulary has now improved immensely…

However, after eating all those grapes, drinking all that sherry, sleeping in the afternoons and watching countless Christmas DVD’s with Tim Allen (sorry, there’s nothing Spanish about that), I need to kick-start 2012 with something productive. So, after considerable consideration (for 5 minutes) I have come up with a list of my new year’s resolutions to help me with la vida loca and enhance my experience in Puerto:

  1. Stop asking for a “Molinete con jamón” instead of “Mollete con jamón” when ordering breakfast. A windmill with ham just isn’t part of the diet here.
  2. Stop asking for that second café con leche. I already know that all the coffee in Columbia can’t make me a morning person.
  3. When visiting Seville for the night, book a hostel before it’s 4am. Banks are not comfortable.
  4. Learn to dance Salsa: the “Shower Dance” is never going to attract girls. Not the nice ones anyway.
  5. The next time Scotland play Spain at football, don’t go around betting everyone with a Spanish accent €10 that Scotland will win. €5 is enough.
  6. When going out in El Puerto, try to be more adventurous than staying in the Irish Bar all night. Other bars sell Guinness too.
  7. Change the language back from “English” to “Español” on the cash machine. Taking €400 out by accident can only happen twice.
  8. Try to remember: Just because they drive on the right, doesn’t mean they are wrong.
  9. Be more punctual and organized…after I’ve finished this…and found my lesson plans.
  10. Learn Spanish with a flawless Cádiz accent.

Muy facil! I hope. Well luckily I am in the right place here in El Puerto at Spark to get started on these. Please email info@sparklanguages.com or post a comment if you have any more suggestions, I’d love to see them!

Perhaps learning Spanish is on your list too? Well 2012 is going to be a great year for Spark and it’s students with so many exciting courses and activities on offer, it certainly isn’t one to miss!

2 Comments on “New Year Resolutions at Spark

  1. hahahahaha! Very funny. You are not good man. Except #5: Our time will come.