My Mission Statment Ansgar Wessel

Hello my name is Ansgar. I am 16 years old and from Germany. I went for 3 weeks to Cadiz to do there a placement in the language school Spark. I n this job i want to get to know some inspirations in the job at Spark. How? I want to try my best everyday. I want to be a helpful person. In my three weeks at Spark I want to improve my language skills. Specially my Spanish language skills. Therefore I want to try to speak as much as I can in Spanish to improve my language.
I want to be a respctful and open minded person who try his best at every task. I will achieve this with giving 100 percent or more evrey day. I will be open minded for every task and will try my best. i will not be sad of mistakes because of my mistakes I or other people will/ can learn.
I think with this placement I will get to know a knew culture and will expanding my horizon. This can I do to be open minded for every task and to all people.
At the end of my three week work experience I want to have better language skills and I want to improve as a persoon and my personality.

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