Spark Deco in El Puerto !!!

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You all have probably heard of Sparkville Residence, or even discovered it yourself, haven’t you? Well, you won’t recognize it anymore! As clean as a whistle, we’ll make her, a second life we’ll give her, a lovely gem, we’ll transform her!

The SparkDeco Dream Team is coming soon to El Puerto de Santa Maria. The challenge: A week to change! Painting, decorating, furnishing, all should be done. A room, it’s not only the place we go to bed for a well-deserved sleep. A room it’s also the treasure chest of your life: your clothes, your jewels, your books, even if it’s just for a week. And we at Spark know it. That’s why we try to welcome you as if you were at home, comfortably installed in your own room.

One of our basic double rooms will be transformed into a cozy nest for lovers on holiday with Spark. And if it works, all our rooms will be changed ! So, no matter if you are a proud single or a couple in love, you will have your own Sparkville room which will become your small corner of paradise.

So let your heart miss a beat for this ‘room sweet room’, and come to Spark to learn Spanish!

Can you imagine what it is going to look like? Which colour will we choose? Yellow canary, orange pumpkin, green courgette or candy pink? I’ll let you guess!

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