My month at Spark

While writing this I’m about to finish my last day of my work experience programme at Spark. It has been a great month and I’m sad about going home tomorrow and it seems just like yesterday when i wrote my welcoming work experience blog post. Spark has become like a second home to me, and the people here have become my second family.

My work here consisted of analysing the social media that Spark is currently using, and find ways to improve the use of them. Since I was using Facebook, Twitter and other social media while working, it didn’t feel like I was really working. I am very glad that Spark gave me this job, it was fun and interesting at the same time.

The lessons were also great, and my Spanish has improved a lot this month. Four hours of Spanish lessons a day seems like a lot, but it really isn’t. The hours are not only filled with grammar and vocab, but also with a lot of games, music and videos. Also the teachers are extremely nice and are very good at teaching. Outside of the classroom I also spoke a lot of Spanish, so learning the language went very fast.

If I had the chance to stay a couple of weeks more at Spark, I would definitely say yes. I made a lot of good friends with who I went out for dinner, out for dancing or out to tan. Also I fell in love with Andalucía. This month has been the beginning of a deep bond between me and the south of Spain and it is for this reason it so sad to say goodbye.

Spanish Work Experience

Spanish Work Experience

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